SE7 Paired Condenser Mics (set of 2)

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 SE7 Condenser Microphone (Set of Two)

Why Would I Want This? The SE7, (and the sister product, the SE8), are the condenser mics we use here at Sunreed for our recording, as well as live performance in person or over zoom. The purpose of the condenser mics is the be able to pic up a wide range of tones, at heightened volume.  Instruments used for sound healing can easily overwhelm a microphone by the amount of and range of tone being produced, and it is important to have the right mics to be able to accurately pick up the vibrations. 

The SE7 is a great choice for people just using mid range tones, from crystal singing bowls, or chimes for example. If you are using bass instruments like a large gong or a drum, the SE8 microphone will give you a more full note from the instrument.

One SE7 microphone can pick up the amount of instruments you could fit in about a 3x4 foot rectangle. Use this as guidance for how many of these microphones you need.

Each microphone connects to the mixer with one XLR microphone, sold separately.