REMO Vegan Tar-Rine Tambourine

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REMO Vegan Tar-Rine Tambourine

Size:12" x 2.75"

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

When And How Will This Ship: This product typically will ship the next day after order, by FedEx ground and will arrive within 2-7 days.

What Will I Receive?: 1 REMO Vegan Tar-Rine Tambourine

Product Description:  

The Tambourine is like having a drum, chime, and rattle all in one instrument.

It is a lightweight instrument and simple to balance in one hand, through the small cut out in the frame. While holding in one hand, you can strike it with your fingers from either hand, creating steady rhythmical patterns. Your mind starts to entrain to the rhythm, an effect called rhythmical entrainment, which becomes a gateway for concentration.

As you strike the drum, it jingles like a chime. The vibration from the chimes can be simply felt in both the mind and the body. So not only are you getting the benefits to concentration from the drumming, the chiming action of the cymbals further helps to disrupt thinking patterns.

The drum is versatile. You can drum it, or you can shake it, causing a effect very much like a rattle. You can rattle it softly, or loudly, and you can shake it in different patterns. In this way the tambourine is like having a drum, chime and rattle all in one.