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REMO Vegan Ocean Wave Drum

Vegan REMO Plain Ocean Drums

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 Vegan REMO Plain Ocean Drums

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22" x 2.5"

16” x 2.5”

12” x 2.5”


22” ~4lbs

16” ~3lbs

12” ~2lbs

When And How Will It Ship: This product usually ships with FedEx, typically the next day after ordering.

Product Description:  The REMO Vegan Ocean drum creates gentle rolling waves, that are simple to relax into, bringing you the tranquility of being at the ocean. The drums can be used personally in meditation, and is perfect for a treatment room, helping put a patient at ease in a chair or on a table. You can play this drum several ways for multiple sounds. You can create the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, you can play it like a deff, you can shake it like a Shakere and you can beat it like a shaman drum. To create the ocean sounds, hold the Ocean Drum by the frame, with the heads horizontal like a serving tray. The roll your wrists so the drum gently tilts in all directions. The metal beads inside will roll over the bottom head like water rolling over the shore. Try different speeds for different sounds. Stop and start suddenly to create crashing wave sounds. Hold it over your head, with the clear head on the bottom and look up at the rolling beads; you can imagine yourself under water. 

We offer the REMO Ocean drums in three sizes. The main difference between each size is how loud the drum is, and how low the tone is. Each drum can be played in a certain way to make both very short waves, quiet waves, or very long crashing waves. The 22” is the loudest, and has the deepest tone. It can also be played in a way to be quiet as well, though keeps its deep tone. The 16” and 12” are incrementally less loud, and both slightly higher in tone. All three would be a good volume for a therapy sized room, so we suggest making a choice based off the quality of sound you like from the sound files.

The back side of each of these drums can be hit with a hand and can be played like a middle-eastern style frame drum with shakers.