Extra Long Zen Extra Heavy Black Gong Mallet #jh1xl

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Extra Long Zen Extra Heavy Black Gong Mallet #jh1xl

Weight: 770 grams; 1lbs 10.9 oz

Handle: 21" long x 1.25" diameter

Striker End: 4.75" x 4"

Total Length: 25"

Materials: Hickory wood handle with a black wool yarn covered rubber ball end

Sizes and weights may slightly differ as these products are handmade.

This extra heavy gong mallet is perfect for extra large grounding bowls due to the heavy weighted rubber end that can bring out the lowest deepest fundamental note of any larger bowl. The wool helps prevent any impact sound from the bowl and the striker head. Our handles are made from American hickory due to its dense shock resistance that no other commercial wood can compare to. Their extra length makes striking bowls on the ground a lot easier and the weight gives you ease and control with your strike, and also the ability to reach many bowls around you if you are in a stationary position. The handle features a wrist string and a rubber end.