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Paiste M4

Paiste M4

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Paiste M4 Gong Mallet


Total Length: 15.5” / 394 mm
Head Diameter: 4” / 90 mm
Weight: 13 oz / 362 gr

When And How Will This Mallet Ship?: This mallet typically will ship out next day after ordering, with UPS or FedEx, and arrive 3-7 days after shipment.

Product Description: Paiste mallets are wrapped with lamb fur giving the gong warmth, through strength when needed. Traditional Chinese mallets will bring out higher notes faster from gongs. These Paiste mallets though are soft, so they bring out the deepest depths of gongs.

This mallet is recommended by Paiste for a 28" Symphonic gong.

For Paiste Mallets, it is important to understand that Paiste recommends mallet sizes for professional percussionists who need the largest and fastest crash. If a percussionist is playing a large gong, they would as well need a heavier larger mallet to make the gong crash for percussive effect. However, this is less important for people who are just using these mallets for sound healing. If you are going to play a gong for an extended period of time it is perfectly okay to choose a smaller mallet then a larger one. In general the M4 or M5 mallets are an excellent size to play a wide variety of gong sizes, and they are in generally not too large or too heavy to hold for a long period of time.