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Paiste Floor "C" Gong Stand 20"-38"

Paiste Floor "C" Gong Stand 20"-32"

$35.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

Paiste Floor "C" Gong Stand 20"-32"

When And How Will This Ship?: These stands typically will ship out next day after order with FedEx or UPS, and arrive within 3-7 days after shipment.

What Will I Receive?: 1 Paiste Floor C Gong Stand in the size chosen.

Product Description: The Paiste Floor C gong stand is made our of iron, so it is heavy, durable, and stable. It features an aesthetic twist in the stand. The feet of these stands can be put on facing inward, and then the stand can fit into a gong or drum case of an appropriate size and in this will be portable. See sizes below. 

20" Size

Height: 26"
Width: 22"
Depth of Feet: 10"

22" Size

Height: 30"
Width: 24"
Depth of Feet: 10"

24" Size

Height: 32"
Width: 26"
Depth of Feet: 12"

26" Size

Height: 34"
Width: 28"
Depth of Feet: 12"

28" Size

Height: 36"
Width: 30"
Depth of Feet: 12"

30" Size

Height: 39"
Width: 32"
Depth of Feet: 12"

32" Size

Height: 42"
Width: 34"
Depth of Feet: 12"