Let Us Select Your Singing Bowls To Review

We have one of the largest selections of singing bowls available in the United States. With so many sizes, shapes and sounds available, it can be exhausting going through the listings finding the right bowls. Let us narrow down the selection. We have customers contacting us all the time, asking for recommendations for metal singing bowls, and metal singing bowl sets, for their meditative and therapeutic needs. Send us an email to admin@sunreed.com, titled Metal Bowl Consultation, and one of our meditation consultants will hand select some exceptional options for you to listen to.

The below questions are to help start the conversation, but you don’t have to directly answer each one. Please, in the box below, let us know generally what you are looking for in metal bowls. We will get back to you typically the next business days introducing ourselves, and offering suggestions.

About how many singing bowls are you looking for?

Do you have an idea of the size you are looking for?

Do you have an idea of the notes you are looking for, or if you are generally looking for higher tones or lower tones?

What is your ideal budget?

What will you be using these bowls for (personal meditation, therapeutic clients, on the body, sound baths, etc.)? Will you be needing to hold them in your hand, or just on a pillow?

Metal singing bowls have three primary tones when struck, a low, mid, and high tone. Which do you prefer the most? Or, do you prefer a balanced mix of the three?

Do you want them to sound harmonic together, or have a more earthy mysterious minor chord relationship?