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Paiste Planet Gongs

Paiste Planet Gongs are well tuned and well polished chau style gongs. One main benefit of purchasing these gongs, is that you know the precise tuning of the gong before the purchase. You can listen to the sound files, know the sound of the gong, and choose a gong you know you will love. You can also select a gong you will know will harmonize with your other instruments. Paiste Planet gongs are have a refined voice, so as you strike them, and bring out the notes more, you will uncover layers of harmonics all leading to a coherent beautiful crash. The small the gong, the faster the gong will crash. The larger the gong, the deeper the bass note, and the more notes to explore before the crash comes out.

24" A# Sidereal Moon - 227.43 Hz 24" A Venus - 221.23 Hz
24" G# Neptune - 211.44 Hz 24" G# Synodic Moon - 210.42 Hz
24" G# Uranus - 207.36 Hz 28" G Sidereal Day - 194.71 Hz
28" F# Jupiter - 183.58 Hz 30" F Platonic Year - 172.06 Hz
32" E Nibiru - 161.26 Hz 32" D# Chiron - 151.27 Hz
32" D Saturn - 147.85 Hz 32" D Mars - 144.72 Hz
32" C# Mercury - 141.27 Hz 36" C# Pluto - 140.25 Hz
38" C# Earth - 136.10 Hz 38" C Sedna - 128.10 Hz
38" B Sun - 126.22 Hz