36 Planet Gong C2# PLUTO

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36” Paiste Planetary Gong C# Pluto

Size: 36”

When And How Will This Ship: These gongs typically ship next day after order, by FedEx or UPS ground, and will arrive within 5-7 days of ordering.

What Will You Receive: One Paiste Pluto gong, with your choice of optional stand and mallet as pictured.

Free Educational Download: Every gong purchase includes a free educational download (downloadable from the order confirmation email), on how to integrate a gong in your therapeutic practice.

Product Description:

For this gong we suggest the Dragonfly Resonance Series XL mallet. It is exceptional for its light weight and soft, rich tone, and is a good size for this gong.

The Planetary series of gongs is an opportunity to by a highly refined and highly polished chau style gong, with precise tuning. You will know what your gong with sound like before purchasing. You can also buy a planetary gong, or multiple planetary gongs, that will harmonize with your existing instruments or harmonize together.

The gongs themselves are highly polished and refined in their tone, with clear harmonics building over time to a complete and steady crash. The smaller sizes will have higher tones, and will crash faster, so there is less potential for building sound up to the crash.

Listen to the sound file of each gong, to get a sense of their bass notes, progression in tone, and crash. Please wear headphones.

Each of the frequencies of the planetary gongs can be found below

24" A# Sidereal Moon - 227.43 Hz

24" A Venus - 221.23 Hz

24" G# Neptune - 211.44 Hz

24" G# Synodic Moon - 210.42 Hz

24" G# Uranus - 207.36 Hz

28" G Sidereal Day - 194.71 Hz

28" F# Jupiter - 183.58 Hz

30" F Platonic Year - 172.06 Hz

32" E Nibiru - 161.26 Hz

32" D# Chiron - 151.27 Hz

32" D Saturn - 147.85 Hz

32" D Mars - 144.72 Hz

32" C# Mercury - 141.27 Hz

36" C# Pluto - 140.25 Hz

38" C# Earth - 136.10 Hz

38" C Sedna - 128.10 Hz

38" B Sun - 126.22 Hz