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Blowing Zen, One Breath, One Mind

Blowing Zen, One Breath, One Mind

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Blowing Zen: One Breath, One Mind by Carl Abbott The complete guide for both the aspiring Shakuhachi maker and player. It includes basic information and historical background on the instrument, a discussion of playing techniques and instruction for playing the following pieces: Honkyoku (Solo Music) & Sankyoku (Ensemble Music), Kuro Kami, Sode Koro, Sho Dan, Tsuru No Koe, Kon Go Seki, Hi Fu Mi, Roku Dan, Chi Dori, Minyo (Folk Tunes), Hi No Maru No Hata, Haru No Ko Gawa, Yu Yuke Ko Yake, Himingaeyo, Kazoe Uta, Ko Ju No Tsuyki, Sakura, Haru Ga Kita, Hotaru No Hikari.  It comes with a fingering chart and several examples of musical notation which can be heard on its accompanying 72-minute instructional CD covering all 17 pieces listed above. This book features the most comprehensive review of Shakuhachi construction techniques available in English, including detailed information and photographs on bore design and fabrication. 93 pages. PG-7.