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Zen MST2 Striker #mst2

Weight: 1.6 oz /  46 grams

Length of Handle:  13"

Width of Head:  1.75"

Total Length: 15"

Materials: Rattan wood handle, Organic Wool Yarn, Natural Latex


The size of these strikers may slightly vary as they are handmade.

The MST2 is a premium striking tool with a long reaching handle to help play a large number of bowls with ease from a stationary position. The handle is made of an extremely sustainable and fast growing liana called rattan that is durable and eco-friendly. Liana is the term used to describe vines and branches like rattan and due to its soft and flexible nature is not considered a 'true wood'. Only about 3% of the rattan harvested is durable enough to be used for our MST2 strikers and due to rattans fast growth it is more like a sustainable crop than a tree because it is not killed through harvest.

The head of this striker is made of natural latex for its weight and appropriate rebound and wrapped with organic wool. The firm and weighted head provides heavy emphasis on lower fundamental notes. It is the perfect tool for the measured strike technique used by the Vibrational Sound Association for vibrational sound therapy structures.