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Beginner Sound Healing Gift Sets

Beginner Sound Healing Gift Sets

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This is the Beginner Sound Healing Gift Set

It includes a 14" C bowl, perfect pitch 440hz with o-ring and striker

A 14" Purple Sunreed Instruments Case

A Tibetan Tingsha


The 14" C frosted bowl is a great place to start for multiple reasons. Many people find it not to deep, and not too high. A 14" size with a C note will give you a strong resonance. The frosted bowl is easy to play well, and projects its sound easily. It is also the beginning of a traditional chakra set, so you can expand into a traditional chakra set starting with this bowl first. You will receive a o-ring and striker with this set.

With it you will also receive a 14" Purple Sunreed Instruments Case. These cases are the highest quality cloth cases we've ever used or seen. They are well stitched, sturdy and have lot of thick padding to protect your bowl.

Last, is the tibetan tingsha, which plays a simple bell tone bringing people back to the present over the top of the droning bowl. It is really a beautiful and well used companion to the frosted crystal singing bowl. If you have a preference to which tingsha you like, you can click the link here  and let us know in the special instructions box.