5 Bowl Key Of A Harmonic Binaural Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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 5 Bowl Key Of A Harmonic Binaural Crystal Singing Bowl Set


What You Will Receive?:

1) One four bowl harmonic set, with a 14" A, 12" C#, 10" E and 8" A. This is the perfect third, fifth and octave. You can make your choice to have these in either 440 or 432hz tuning. Sound files for both 440hz and 432hz are above. Just click "Show More" to see both sound files.

2) One extra 14" A, that will make a 4hz Theta binaural pairing with the 14" A in the harmonic set

3) Five orings and five suede strikers

4) Free shipping in the Continental United States

5) (Optional) Two 14" and One 12" purple classic nesting cases to nest all of the bowls for storage or transport

6) (Optional) Two quartz crystal strikers that reduce the contact noise between the striker and the bowl, leaving the pure sound of the bowl

When And How Will The Set Ship?: The set of bowls typically will ship the day after order with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment. The bowls are insured when shipped.

Why Use Harmonics And Binaurals Together?: We have written a full article exploring harmonics, binaurals, and their therapeutic use here. By including the harmonics, we have a provided a foundation of coherence to move us into quiet, calm states of wellness. And, next we have the binaurals asking us to move deeper beyond common obscurations, to discover and abide in the clearer goodness we find within. Using both provides a profound opportunity to reach deeper into the work. The more skillful our meditative or healing practice, the more benefit we are likely to experience in this affect.  By collaborating with the sound, we deepen the potential within the experience.  A simple technique is to switch between the two. Start a session using a harmonic set of bowls. This will invite the participant to merely relax, and get comfortable, and generate a feeling of wellness. Then switch to the binaurals for a minute or so. The binaurals ask the client to go deeper beyond mind obscurations, into a deeper state of clarity. Then switch again to the harmonics, so allow the participant to relax further into that deeper state of clarity. 

Why Would I Choose A Harmonic Set?: Using harmonic bowls is foundational and one of the most effectual ways of using crystal bowls. Two bowls sound naturally happy together because their hertz values are in simple mathematical ratio with each other. It is proven harmonics create naturally uplifted environments, and we respond to these tones by going into states of inner coherence. Science and medicine confirm that harmonies create natural relaxation, and our bodies and mind both respond to harmonic sounds in ways that are beneficial. What this means is that whether working with just yourself, or working professionally with clients, harmonic bowls will help ease tension, uplift emotion, and bring about natural states of wellbeing and concentration, supporting therapeutic healing. We use harmonic bowls in almost all of the meditations we do in our classes, and have done so for over a decade because they work. If you are looking for a set of crystal bowls, but do not know where to begin, and do not want to invest in a full 7, 8 or 9 bowl set, starting with 2, 3, 4 or 5 harmonic bowls is our top recommendation. Just listen to the sound files and you will hear why.

About Binaurals/Monaurals: The use of the binaural beat stimulation is well founded through decades of scientific research, to stimulate learning, relaxation, sleep, or meditative states through altering brain wave states. The binaural beat, which is an oscillation that occurs when two close hz values are played together, are not only possible with crystal singing bowls, but are a highly potent tool for altering your mindset and adding depth to your sound practice. Depending on how close together the hz values of the two bowls are together, you will get a binaural oscillation that corresponds to different brain wave patterns: 1-4hz Delta, 4-8hz Theta, 8-25hz Alpha, 25hz-140hz Gamma. For example, if one bowl plays at 261hz, and the other bowl plays at 255hz, then there is a difference of 6hz. The brain then entrains to the 6hz oscillation, corresponding to Theta brain waves. Our meditative experience with binaural stimulation and crystal bowls, is that the binaural oscillation is not only heard, but as well felt in the body. If relaxed into, the mind is not able to hold onto thinking patterns easily, and the binaural stimulation becomes a gateway into exploring spacious consciousness.

About Theta stimulation: Theta brain wave stimulation are frequencies between 3-7hz. Theta Waves are associated with the deepest form of relaxation. The Theta state is when the brain slows almost to point of sleep while one is still fully conscious. Theta aids in heightened receptivity, provides one with flashes of dreamlike imagery, and can even bring long forgotten memories to the forefront of your mind. The Theta state is said to be the deepest possible stage of meditation. Some have even mentioned a sense of floating while in Theta state. We exclusively use the Theta binaurals in our meditations, and have had profound experiences while using them.

What Is 440hz and 432hz Tuning? Which Should I Get?There is a good deal of information online about the differences between 440hz and 432hz tuning, and which is better. Here we will just discuss the literal meaning of tuning musical instruments as it is a key understanding for the purchase. If you can imagine a piano, there is a key in the middle called “middle A” or “4th octave A”. On almost all musical instruments in the world this middle A key is tuned to resonate at 440hz. All the other notes higher and lower on a piano are then tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 440hz. This is the meaning of 440hz tuning and is the international standard for tuning musical instruments all over the world. Guitars, flutes, pianos, violins, harps, etc. all over the world are tuned assuming the middle A note equals 440hz. If you are going to purchase your crystal bowl set planning on playing with other musical instruments, such as a harmonium for example, you will most likely want to buy 440hz tuning so that your bowls play in harmony with your musical instruments. 432hz tuning is simply if you flatten the middle A key of a piano or other musical instrument by 8hz to equal 432hz instead of 440hz. Then all the other notes higher and lower are tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 432hz. With 432hz tuning you get a slightly lower pitch with each note in the set. You can listen to the sounds of 440hz and 432hz tuned bowls at the top of the page to help you decide which set is right for you.

Can I Expand This Set Into A Full Chakra Set Or With More Harmonics In The Future?: Yes. We can expand any of these sets with more harmonics or into a full chakra set. We keep track of the tuning of all of the bowls we send out in order to provide customers the right tuning in the future. We can make recommendations to customers for what bowls we recommend to get next for further harmonics. A full 8 bowl chakra set in the key of C would have the following notes: C D E F G A B C.

Why Does High Quality Tuning Matter? Our Quality GuaranteePrecisetuning is crucial to the integrity of the harmonies and melodies you will want to produce in your set. Societies worldwide have studied the harmonic relationships between notes for thousands of years, which is represented in the sequence of notes you will receive. The more precise tuned your set is, the clearer and more uplifted the harmonies you will produce, which will all create a happier environment to relax into and do spiritual therapeutic work. These bowls are guaranteed to be made of premium grade crystal ‘sand’, the highest quality materials in the crystal bowl industry, which gives the best luster and voice quality to the bowls. They are guaranteed to be within +/-5 cent pitch variation of perfect pitch, in your choice of 432 Hz or 440 Hz tuning. This standard of tuning is above the crystal bowl industry standard of +/-10 cent variation in tuning for perfect pitch bowls. Often, we are finding sets sold online that are far beyond a +/- 10 cent variation that gives the set a dissonant quality. We have an over 4 decade background in music, musical instrument making, and sound and shamanic healing practices of various world cultures, and care deeply about the quality of product, and voice of the product we provide you, for the best benefit for you, and your clients.