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36" Meinl Flower Of Life Gong

This gong is not in stock.

Size: 36

When And How Will This Ship: These gongs typically ship next day after order, by FedEx or UPS ground, and will arrive within 5-7 days of ordering.

What Will You Receive: One Meinl Flower Of Life gong, with your choice of optional stand and mallet as pictured.

Product Description:

These Meinl Flower Of Life gongs are excellent examples of tuned gongs. The 24 inch Flower of Life gong is tuned to 128hz, which is a 3rd octave C. The 36 inch Flower of Life gong is tuned to 64hz, which is a 2nd octave C. Played together, the gongs make a perfect octave. The gongs are made by Meinl in Germany. When you strike the gongs softly, they give off their primary note. When you hit the gong harder, its harmonics will begin to come out in relationship to the primary note.

This gong does not include a mallet. We suggest purchasing the Paiste M6 mallet other mallets may scratch the gong.