36" Flower Of Life Silver Stainless Steel Mirror Gong #36flowersilver1

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36" Flower Of Life Silver Stainless Steel Mirror Gong #36flowersilver1


When And How Will This Ship?: These gongs ship for free within the Continental United States. This gong will ship with FedEx and typically arrive within 3-5 days in the continental US.

What Will I Receive? You will receive one flower of life gong, as shown in video.

Product Description:

These gongs are called nickel alloy or stainless steel gong. They gongs play like a mixture between a chau and wind gong. Their shape is about midway between the two. Like a chau, these gongs keep the clarity of their fundamental when struck. They are soft, gentle and deep fundamentals that can sooth. Though, like a wind gong, with a soft stroke, there are greater harmonic overtones, for a richer experience of multi-tonal sound, than a chau provides. It is a more varied and complex adventure of tonality being embarked upon, while maintaining the soft and soothing atmosphere that many love from a chau gong. Unlike a chau gong, one does not need to raise the intensity of the experience to achieve a rich layering of and provocative exploration of potential sound. This is the beauty of the Acero line of gongs. They are great for those who want to keep the soothing depth of the gong, though as well appreciate the transformative power of multi-tonality. .

Visually, they are like a mixture of styles, between Paiste’s Sound Creation Earth gong, Don Conreiux’s Mirror Gong, and coloration found in Grotto Sonora’s gongs. The face of the gong is clear like a mirror, reflecting back at you.

We recommend purchasing with them both the Dragonfly Percussion Fuzzbucket mallet to get the best fundamental, as well as the Gong Rollers to have better control of the intensity. See all of our gong mallets here.

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