22 Inch Meinl Sea Wave Drum

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22 Inch Meinl Sea Wave Drum

This product is currently out of stock.

Size: 22" x 2.5"

Weight: 3lb

When And How Will It Ship: This product usually ships with FedEx, typically the next day after ordering. 

Product Description: The Meinl Wave drum creates gentle rolling waves, that are simple to relax into, bringing you the tranquility of being at the ocean. The larger 22 inch Wave Drum is versatile, able to create very subtle soft noises, to louder crashes, while not being too large or heavy to easily use. The drum can be used personally in meditation, and is perfect for a treatment room, helping put a patient at ease in a chair or on a table. 

The drums have a sealable hole, so you can control how many steel balls are in the drum.

One side of the drum is made of goatskin, the other a clear synthetic cover. The drum can be hit with your hands as your would a middle eastern frame drum, being able to be played as a drum or as a ocean simulator. 

The frame is made of Siam Oak.

Meditation Tip: Close your eyes and explore gentling tilting the drum back and forth, to create very subtle sounds of the ocean. Focus in on the sound, trying to hear every single aspect of the noise, in order to really be enveloped by the tones. Take deep breaths in, and deep breaths out, relaxing your body while continuing to play the drum. The sound of the ocean, paired with your breathing, will immediately help release tension in your muscles, which can lead to various mental and physical results.