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14" REMO Mondo Earth Vegan Djembe

14" REMO Mondo Earth Vegan Djembe

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14" REMO Mondo Earth Vegan Djembe

This product is on pre-order and will be fulfilled in October.


Weight: 13.7 lbs.

When And How Will This Ship: This product typically will ship the next day after order, by FedEx ground and will arrive within 2-7 days.

What Will I Receive?: 1 14" REMO Mondo Earth Vegan Djembe

Product Description:  This is a classic sturdy dependable REMO Djembe. It is light enough to hold between the legs while standing, or can be sat on, or playing with the drum upright. The drum has a well tuned harmonic between a low bass note and higher treble note. You hear the boom of the bass and the character of the high note coming together. This Djembe can be used for rhythmical entrainment work. While simple rhythms are usually played on a frame drum, complex rhythms can be plays on a Djembe, utilizing all fingers and palm of hand to do so. This is a great instrument to use as a precursor to a silent meditation, to help concentrate the mind. It can also be used during a meditation, letting go of thinking about the beat, and having it “play by itself” as the mind concentrates in on itself.