Using Sunreed’s Binaural Harmonic Tuning Forks

Using Sunreed’s Binaural Harmonic Tuning Forks

This instruction page relates to the use of the Binaural forks

The nature of ‘binaural’ stimulation has been studied by science and medicine for decades, while its effectiveness in stimulating varying states of consciousness has been utilized by traditional ‘wisdom’ and indigenous cultures worldwide, from the use of tingshas in Tibetan Bon and Buddhist cultures (bells or cymbals that produce a binaural effect,) or the use of whistling vessels by Andean cultures, which stimulate subtle reality perception through binaural beat.

The binaural beat is the production of a third oscillation or rhythmical pattern created by two originating frequencies, or beats that are in close proximity to each other. There are particular rules and behaviors as to how binaural stimulation is produced, and what its effect is, but in general, binaural stimulation has been effectively used in therapeutic practices for relaxation, sleep and mood disorders, enhancing meditation, memory and learning, and alertness, among other uses.

The Sunreed Binaural tuning forks are tuned to the 440 hz and 432 hz frequencies, which, when used together, create a third oscillation of 4.8 to 9.5 hz, depending where on the scale one is using the forks. One can see the specific binaurals created in our listings on line at


Our forks are tuned in the “Middle C” or C4 octave. In the lower range of this octave, including the notes C, D, E, F, and G, the effect of the binaural is in the Theta range. This is known to stimulate deeper states of inner awareness, or meditative states, as well as to deepen states of attunement, relaxation, and receptivity. The notes in the upper range of this scale, to include A, B, and High C or C5, create an Alpha binaural. The Alpha state is known to heighten one’s imagination, visualization skills, memory, learning and concentration. It is used, for instance, to assist students and athletes in learning both better cognitive and motor skills.

The tuning forks can be used auditorily, by simply listening to them, or by applying them directly to the body. Most binaural research has been done through auditory stimulation (listening.)

When one brings the vibration, or resonance of the tuning forks directly into the body by holding them against the body in close proximity, most recipients have reported, first, a stimulation or apparent excitation in the area around the vibration, followed by relaxation within the body. But, also, there is often reported a growing sensation of moresubtle inner awareness, stillness or spaciousness, which would be appropriate to theta stimulation.

We suspect that the pattern of applying these two forks simultaneously to one region of the body assists cellular activity to similarly, relax, come to rest, or to a still point, to re-orient themselves to the level of awareness we intend. We know from research that mindful awareness can have impact on our body’s systems.
So, by setting an intention of relaxation, releasing tension, anxiety, muscle tension, inflammation, etc, and applying the forks simultaneously in close proximity, the body may respond to this oscillatory pattern of the binaural, and can re-orient from that ‘still point’ to a place of its inherent nature or wellness.

Hold the forks by the handle (the singular end of each fork) and strike the double end (tines or prongs) of each fork on a solid or semi solid object (one can use one’s palm, thigh, etc, but also a table, hard pad, etc, to strike the fork to ‘activate’ it.)

Do this with each fork so they are playing simultaneously. It can be beneficial to bring them to one’s ears to listen to them for a moment, or for several ‘strikes.’ Indeed, one can use them for some period of time, just listening, effecting binaural stimulation, or ‘entrainment’ (the scientific term for how different aspects of nature, including our consciousness, or brain wave states, come into sympathetic resonance with heard or felt vibration.) When ready, slowly bring the single handle of each fork down to the area of the body one wishes to ‘bathe’ in the sounds. Firmly place each fork, while resonating, onto this area of the body, and simply allow oneself to relax into the sound and vibration. Once the vibration quietens, you or the recipient can rest with your awareness in that region of the body, or strike them again, repeating this pattern over and over until your ‘session’ is complete.

One might do this with an area suffering from muscle tension or fatique, inflammation, or more chronic condition. Apply the forks as deeply into the tissue as one wishes, holding them there until the vibration cannot be felt. Then, strike them again. We recommend applying them in a circular pattern around that area of the body one has chosen to work with. Apply the vibration for a total of 5-10 minutes. One can do this 2-3 times a day, but we do not recommend overstimulation.


No medical antidote is suggested or implied by use of these forks. They have not been subject to any scientific or medical research, and no medical claims are made or implied by their use. For any health condition, we always advise consultation with licensed medical practitioners

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