Using Sounds For Clearing And Aligning

In the article “The Two Aspects Of Healing” Zacciah discusses the healing aspects of clearing and aligning. Clearing, is a motion of getting rid of, or making space for. Ideas associated with clearing are shaking loose or breaking apart mentalities and stuck energy. In the path of healing, people often speak of “letting go” or “releasing.” Aligning is intentional manifestation. It is a movement of coming into, or gaining, or connecting with. Instead of clearing out, we are going into a certain mentality, or energetic state. We are purposefully bringing about a state of joy, clarity, peace, or compassion, and in doing so are aligning with those states.

Different sounds can be used for both aspects of healing. Some sounds work more obviously with clearing out, while some sounds work more obviously with aligning. There are naturally inviting sounds, and there are naturally disrupting sounds. An inviting sound can be like a soft rattle, a rich deep drum, harmonious crystal bowls or chimes, the joy of a flute, or the clear harmony in tuning forks. Disrupting sounds can be discordant, harder sounds, like a rough rattle, a high drum beat, binaural beats, multi-tonal metal singing bowls, or a crashing gong. One sound is more harmonious, and easier to hear, inviting attention forth in a way that says “rest here.” The other sound is harder to hear, disrupting thinking patterns, and shaking energy up in a way that commands “transform now.”

The same instrument can be used for both clearing and aligning. Even if a sound is rough, that doesn’t mean a person can’t intentionally use it to align with a state of joy. And vice versa, even if a sound is harmonic, that doesn’t mean a person can’t intentionally use it to alter mindset. Intention is key to the outcome of any sound practice. If we intend a certain outcome, we can use sound to manifest that outcome. It does not matter how harmonious a tone is, if we intend anger, we will achieve anger; likewise, if we intend peace, we can achieve peace.

With clear intention then, we can use these two aspects of sound, disrupting and inviting, to support either aspect of healing we are working with. An excellent example of this, is when using our harmonic binaural frosted crystal bowl sets. This is a crystal bowl set that has both harmonic and binaural relationships. Using the binaural beat bowls will disrupt thinking patterns, and break up inner energetics. The power of the binaural beat is to disallow thinking, and to support clear concentrative states. After using the binaural bowls for 30 seconds or so, the practitioner can then begin to use harmonious bowls, and have the participants align with an inner state of clarity, relaxation, peace, joy or wellness. As Zacciah says, “clear and align, clear and align, clear and align.”