Transforming Fire - 32" Tunable Moldovean Vegan Frame Drum

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Transforming Fire - 32" Tunable Moldovean Vegan Frame Drum

This is a new product, and is on pre-order. Orders will be fulfilled in about 3 weeks.

Size: 32"x19"x3" 3lbs

When And How Will This Ship?: This drum ship with FedEx and typically arrive within 3-5 business days.

What Will I Receive? One Transforming Fire Drum, with simple vegan fur beater. 

Product Description: This is a handmade vegan frame drum, made by a skilled artisan in Moldova. After many trials he has created a vegan frame drum that perhaps surpasses REMO for overall quality. They are lightweight, beautifully constructed, and have deep rich tones.

This drum has a deep bass tone. It is well below the REMO 22". It is rich and soothing, and can also be played harder for a powerful journey. It is big, though is made with lightweight materials so is not too heavy. There is a large amount of vibration that comes from the drum.

This drum is vegan, meaning that there are no animal products or parts used in its construction. Unless drums with animal hides, it will maintain its tone the same whether humid or dry outside.

The drums are also tunable! Each drum comes with an allen wrench, that attaches discreetly to the handle of the drum by magnet. This sleek design ensures you can tune your drum comfortably wherever you are. You can make the drum higher and lower in tone, to your preference by just tightening the screws around the rim.