The Zen Minor Pentatonic Flute

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Professionally Tuned - Made In Vermont

Bamboo Minor Pentatonic Transverse Flute


Sizes: E ~18", D ~21", C ~25"

Weight: ~1lb

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute is handcrafted made-to-order in Northern Vermont. The flute maker usually ships out the flute one week after order, though it can take upwards of 2 weeks at times.

What You’ll Receive: 1 transverse minor pentatonic bamboo flute, student or professional quality, with light or burnt finish, and 1 cloth carrying pouch.

Product Description:

The Zen Minor Pentatonic Flute is a classic. It's tuned in a minor pentatonic scale, a scale that has been used in cultural music around the world throughout history. This flute has a mysterious, yet flowing sound that makes it easy to capture the moment. With 4 holes, it’s easier to play the deep, rich tones of a larger flute. We are honored to be able to offer our flute maker's flutes, who trained with Zacciah Blackburn and brings a divine love to the creation of his bamboo flutes. Available in the keys C, D, and E. D and E have small finger stretches that can be reached by most players. The key of C is good for people with medium sized hands and larger. 

Comes with a handmade flute bag to protect it from the elements. Please note that case material/design may vary based on availability.

Student vs. Professional Tuning: Student flutes are tuned well through one octave of playing, though can some minor subtle discrepancies in pitch usually in the upper range (or second octave of playing). They are often close to professional quality flutes. Professional tuning means that you will receive a flute that with be tuned to A440 standard pitch through two octaves. Please note, that flutes play sharper and flatter depending upon the embouchure and the strength of the individual's playing.

Flutes For Small Hands: The Key of D and E has small finger stretches that can be reached by most players

Light vs. Dark Finish: Light finished flutes are finished with a non-toxic all natural oil to protect the wood and give it an excellent shine. Dark finished flutes are burnt to give them a dark complexion.

Notes For Each Flute: Key Of C: C - D# - F - G - A# - C / Key Of DD - F - G - A - C - D / Key Of E: E - G - A - B - D - E

Listen To Our Flute Maker Play The D Minor Pentatonic Flute

Listen To The Keys Of C, D and E