The Top Gifts For Sound Healing

Gifts For Sound Healers

What Are The Best Gifts For Sound Healing? 

Give gifts that will be used.


1)     A single crystal bowl, or a small crystal bowl set

A crystal singing bowl is perhaps the most popular, and most central instrument in sound healing. When beginning a sound healing practice, and crystal singing bowl is quite often the first purchase, and the most used purchase. An excellent start, is to begin with a three bowl set of harmonically tuned crystal singing bowls. The bowls, when played together will create a beautifully uplifted environment to meditate in, that is pleasing to anyone’s ears. With three bowls, there is also more choice for which bowl to use individually as well. Our Three Bowl Set With Accessories, has everything needed to play and store the bowls included, as well the page has sound files to make the right choice. However, just one bowl is enough to do any meditation. In our experience, a 12” D bowl is a great choice for any person to use and relax into. We are offering this bowl with a case and accessories included in our Crystal Bowl – Where To Begin product. Another option is to listen to the sound file on our site, and find a bowl you personally love to sound of, to give as a gift to a loved one.



2)     A 16 inch or 18 inch Native American Drum, or a Vegan Frame Drum

Drums have been used for centuries in ceremony and meditation, to transform and offer prayer, and are incredibly potent tools for sound work. A 16 inch or 18 inch Native American Frame Drum, when paired with our Sunreed Soft Beater, give a deep penetrating base note that is entrancing, and simple to rhythmically entrain to.

For those who prefer Vegan drums, we offer two types of Vegan drums that offer the same quality of bass as our Native American Drums. One is the 22” REMO Buffalo Drum, the other the 16” REMO Black Bahia Bass Drum. The 22” REMO Buffalo Drum is not recommended to people with a smaller build, as it is a big drum to hold. The 16” REMO Black Bahia Bass Drum is lightweight and simple to hold for longer meditations and ceremonies.



3)     1-3 Himalayan Metal Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls pulse a variety of frequencies with each strike, allowing the meditator a simpler path beyond attachment into spacious awareness. The bowls are excellent to begin a meditation, and can be used throughout a meditation, as a continual support for meditators to break up their energetic patterns, come back to attention, and deepen their experience. A good single choice for a Himalayan bowl is 9 to 10 inches. In this range you will get a bowl with a rich deep tone, with multiple harmonics, and noticeable vibration. Another option is to pick out multiple bowls, around 8-11 inches, that will play somewhat harmonically with each other. Adding in additional tones will further support in relaxing through tense mental patterns, and breathing out into spaciousness (and, adding more tones is fun!).



4)     A handmade Rattle

Rattles are simple instruments that can be easily transported and used anywhere. They create a small cacophony of sound, that when paired with intention, can support in connecting to and transforming energy. Every rattle is a little different, so if you are buying a rattle for someone who already has a few, chances are you will be giving them an entirely new flavor to work with. There are generally three types of tones that our rattles produce: joyful, soft and soothing, rough and powerful, and joyful; recommendations for each of these are below.

Rattles For Joyful Tones

Many rattles produce like joyful uplifting and happy tones. Two examples of these are our Peruvian Rattles, and our Hand Painted Native American Medicine Rattles.


Rattles For Soft And Soothing Tones

Some rattles are filled with small beads, and when shaped like an egg or shell, create soft soothing tones. Two examples of these are our Shell Rattle, and our Egg of Creation rattles.



Rattles For Rough And Powerful Tones

When rattles are filled with larger rocks or beads, they create a larger harsher tone. These rattles are like lightning piercing through the mind. Our offering for this category are our Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles.



5)     A Chime

Chimes offer bright uplifting tones that send people easily into moments of tranquility. They are popularly used at the beginning of meditations, or during meditations, to include bright joyful melody that can be used to cut through mental patterns and invite coherent states of awareness. The most popular chimes are either the Koshi or the Zaphir chimes, both excellent choices as a gift to a loved one. The choice are swayed back and forth, bringing forth melodic tones. Sound files are available for these chimes, on their product pages.