The Top Gifts For Sound Healing

Gifts For Sound Healers

What Are The Top Five Best Gifts For Sound Healers? 

Give gifts that will be used.


#1 A Zaphir Or Koshi Chime

Zaphir and Koshi chimes offer bright uplifting tones that send people easily into moments of tranquility. They are popularly used at the beginning of meditations, or during meditations, to include bright joyful melody that can be used to cut through mental patterns and invite coherent states of awareness. The choice are swayed back and forth, bringing forth melodic tones. Sound files are available for these chimes, on their product pages.



#2 A N.O.W. Tone Therapy Speaker

The N.O.W. Tone Therapy Speakers produce soft chime melody, harmony and binaurals, that immediately bring participants into a state of presence. Within a few seconds, one can expect their mind to calm, and their muscles start to relax. The speakers can be placed on either side of the head, or even on the body to feel the vibration directly. This makes for a simple and effect 3 minute sound healing practice. 



#3 A Harmonic Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Forks offer a quick reset. They are a very simple way to get into sound healer, and use sound. Just simply hold the tuning forks up to your ears, and relax into the sound, and you will become immediately more present, and can easily access a state of uplifted joy. If in one moment you are feeling stressed, the next you can feel much calmer just from listening to the forks. We recommend a harmonic set of tuning forks, because the harmonies will more easily evoke a sense of wellbeing from you. 



#4 A Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

A crystal singing bowl is perhaps the most popular, and most central instrument in sound healing. When beginning a sound healing practice, and crystal singing bowl is quite often the first purchase, and the most used purchase. An excellent place to begin, is one of our frosted bowl starter kits, which will contain a high quality frosted crystal singing bowl, case, and upgraded mallets. If you would like to give you loved one multiple bowls, consider our Three Bowl Harmonic Set With Accessories. This will give you three bowls that all play a beautiful harmonic melody together. Using these bowls will elevate the environment with joyful vibration, making it very simple then to go into a state of joy, or relaxation.


#5 A Handmade Artisan Rattle

Rattles are simple instruments that can be easily transported and used anywhere. They create a small cacophony of sound, that when paired with intention, can support in connecting to and transforming energy. Every rattle is a little different, so if you are buying a rattle for someone who already has a few, chances are you will be giving them an entirely new flavor to work with. There are generally three types of tones that our rattles produce: joyful, soft and soothing, rough and powerful, and joyful; recommendations for each of these are below.

Rattles For Joyful Tones

Many rattles produce like joyful uplifting and happy tones. Two examples of these are our Peruvian Rattles, and our Hand Painted Native American Medicine Rattles.


Rattles For Soft And Soothing Tones

Some rattles are filled with small beads, and when shaped like an egg or shell, create soft soothing tones. Two examples of these are our Shell Rattle, and our Egg of Creation rattles.



Rattles For Rough And Powerful Tones

When rattles are filled with larger rocks or beads, they create a larger harsher tone. These rattles are like lightning piercing through the mind. Our offering for this category are our Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles.