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Sunreed Special Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Case With Nesting Sleeves

Sunreed Special Purple Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Case 8"-14"

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This is the highest quality singing bowl case we have found.

This is the highest quality cloth crystal bowl case we have ever found, available for bowls between 8 and 14 inches in diameter. This case is made out of heavy duty fiber on the outside, with very well sewn seems, and a quality zipper. Unlike most crystal bowl cases, the foam in this case has very little bend. It is almost sturdy enough to be called a "hard" case. It is thickly padded to snuggly fit your crystal bowl. We personal feel very confident in this cases ability to protect your crystal bowl. If we wanted to charge true retail for these cases, without inserts, we would charge $224 for the 14", down to $154 for the 8", however in order to make these more accessible we have lowered the cost and given that profit back to the customer.

The nesting inserts sold with these cases are also specially manufactured by the same designer, and only available if purchased with one of these cases. They slightly higher quality then the nesting inserts sold with our other case and separately on our site. The inserts are made of a high quality material, that easily slides onto the bowl, with long lasting stitching and are more ascetically made than other nesting inserts we have seen. The nesting inserts also are taller, so protect better the tops of the bowls.The nesting inserts are designed so you can nest multiple crystal bowls together in one case. 

Insert Sizing

Depending on if you choose to purchase the case with nesting inserts, your case with the following:

14" Case - Comes with 12" and 8" insert/nesting pad

12" Case - Comes with a 10" and 8" insert/nesting pad

10" Case - Comes with a 8" insert/nesting pad

8" Case - Case alone, no insert/nesting pad

What About 9", 11" and 13" Bowls?

9", 11" and 13" bowls fit very well in these cases and inserts. We feel very comfortable for storing them or transporting them in one of these cases or inserts. We suggest putting a 9" bowl in a 10" insert or case, a 11" bowl in a 12" insert or case, and a 13" bowl in a 14" case.

Interested in nesting bowls? Please read this article to learn about nesting and safety.