How To Nest Crystal Singing Bowls

How To Nest Crystal Singing Bowls Safely

For Storage Or Transportation

Nesting frosted singing bowls means placing a smaller singing bowl within a larger singing bowl for storage and transportation. Many practitioners have found this to be a very helpful and effective technique for storage or transport of their bowls. Through nesting singing bowls you can go from carrying around many bowl cases, to carrying around very few.

We have successfully transported our own bowls for decades using this method with no breakage, and some of our manufacturers ship bowls this way. Thus, we view it as a safe method when done properly/ This is a practical way to store, carry or even ship crystal bowls, but certain protocols should be followed for the bowls' safety. There is no guarantee for the safety of your bowl through nesting. In occasions of breakage, we believe this can be attributed to shock to the bowls (such as dropping a bag, a car accident or huge jolt in transport, or mis-packing of the bowls). While we think it is a useful and beneficial method of storage and transport, please understand we can take no responsibility for breakage of bowls once you receive them in new condition. The safest method for storing your singing bowls is individually in separate cases.

Guidelines For Nestings Your Crystal Bowls Safely

We have found these guidelines for nesting crystal singing bowls to work well:

1) Only nest crystal singing bowls together that are 2 inches or more apart in size. This means that it is okay to nest a 8 inch bowl within a 10 inch bowl, but not a 9 inch bowl within a 10 inch bowl.

2) Don't put more weight in one case then you are comfortable with lifting. It may be true that you can nest a 8 inch bowl in a 10 inch bowl in a 12 inch bowl, and then put all that in a 14 inch bowl, but you end up with a 30 lb case, and it may be too heavy for you to carefully transport.

3) Wrap each nested bowl with cloth or bubble wrap so that there is no way for the crystal singing bowls to touch each other. The padding should be thick enough so that, for example, a 10 inch bowl is snugly within a 12 inch bowl without moving around. Having too thin of padding so that the nested bowl moves around in the larger bowl is not a safe nesting technique.

4) Make sure the largest bowl in the carrying case is securely in the carrying case. It is not a good idea to nest two bowls within a 12 inch bowl, and then put the 12 inch bowl in a 16 inch carrying case. The 12 inch bowl will move around too much. Please use the appropriate sized carrying cases for the largest bowl in the nesting group.

5) Invest in our high quality carrying cases, with nesting inserts. We have two different purple carrying cases, linked below, that come with padded nesting inserts. These nesting inserts fit well around 11-7 inch bowls, so you can safely nest them within larger bowls.


Sunreed’s Classic Nesting Carrying Case


Sunreed Quality Purple Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Case


6) Our SUNREED QUALITY PURPLE CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL CARRYING CASE 8"-14" has the thickest sturdiest padding we have found used in any singing bowl carrying case made. They have excellent webbed nylon fabric, and the straps, stitching, and zippers are as good as we have seen anywhere. We have tried many many types of carrying cases, and truly have found these to be the safest and best made cases available. See these cases here.

We hope to generate care more than concern through this article. Again, we have nested bowls successfully for decades. Care and common sense go a long way in this process. Not only packing the bowls well inside of each other, but in your vehicle is worth consideration. Can they 'slosh' around in traffic? Are they firm but not over-packed with other items? If it were the only item in a car, I might buckle a bag in a car seat vs. leaving it alone to move suddenly if I have to brake or hit large bumps, etc. Can anything heavy fall over on it? The only bowls we have directly seen broken were from strong mishandling. (We have found, for instance, that bowls do not like to be dropped off of table tops, or have 10 pound candle holders dropped on top of them....)

If there is something not covered in this article, or if you have any questions please call us. If you would like help nesting your bowls please give us a call with the sizes of your bowls, and we will be able to walk you through which cases would be best to purchase.