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Sounding The Sacred Feminine Set

Sounding The Sacred Feminine Set

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Sounding The Sacred Feminine Set

When And How Will It Ship: The drum in the set will need to be painted, so the whole set will typically ship by a week after ordering. If needed sooner please let us know. It ship with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: As a service to the wisdom carriers, and those working with and seeking to align more graciously and deeply with their feminine roots, we bring forth this Sacred Feminine Set of instruments to assist in bringing us deeper into the mysteries of our own evolutionary process this purpose:

  1. One Six Sided Hexagon Native American Made Deer Drum, hand painted by Dorothy Stone with a gold rim and bee;
  2. One 16” Meinl Drum Case to protect the drum;
  3. One Sunreed Soft Beater to bring out the deepest base of the drum;
  4. One copy of the work of our great colleague Layne Redmond, When The Drummers Were Women, (now deceased, but whose wisdom lives on) who researched the ancient wisdom of women drummers, as well as the Bee Cultures of the Mediterranean, and helped to bring that wisdom back into our awareness;
  5. One 111hz Holy Healing Tuning Fork with activator, honoring the resonant frequencies of the Hypogeum Temple of The Great Mother;
  6. One Emu Egg of Creation Rattle, honoring the fertile wisdom and greater mysteries of the Great Mother Of Life.

Product Description: The nature of the Cosmos, the very nature of Creation, in culture upon culture worldwide, currently, and historically, emphasizes the balance of Sacred Masculine and Feminine forces in perfect union. It is this union that has brought about manifest creation. The pairing of those forces of the masculine and feminine nature is a necessary ingredient not only in that manifestation, but in our healing and inner wholeness as human beings, and living in right relationship to each other, and to the Greater Whole.

Modernized cultures, especially in the West, in large part, have lost track of the meaning and honoring of the Sacred Feminine as an equal part in Creation. We see this throughout our history in disrespect of the feminine in all aspects of our culture, from gender-based inequalities to lack of understanding and appreciation the power and value of intuitive awareness and emotional integrity, to not understanding our relationship to the Earth as a whole, and how we must live in a sustainable way.

This set of instruments is designed for those who do or seek to align with and honor the Sacred Feminine aspects of Creation, from the intuitive heart felt wisdom arising from within, to relationship with the Goddess aspects of Creation, from the Mother of Life, to the Earth Mother, to the many faces and aspects of the Mother Goddess honored in those cultures worldwide.

The Bee And The Drum: The 16” 6 sided Deer Hide Drum is made by our main drum maker, who is part of the Maidu Nation. The drum has a clear base note, with some higher frequencies as well, to create a clear low toned note. The drum is offered with our Sunreed Soft Beater to bring out the softest lowest notes of the drum. It is hand painted by our drum artist Dorothy Stone, who was inspired to create the Bee Drum and this Sacred Feminine set.

Cultures around the world honor the Bee, its Queen and her incredible community of harmonious workers, all aligned with common purpose, as well as the powerful 6 sided structures in its hives, known in the world of Sacred Geometry, as one of the most profound building blocks of nature, incorporating the mysteries of the Hexagon, as seen in the molecular structure of carbon, the eye of a dragonfly, the cooling of volcanic basalt, the poles of Saturn, and so much more throughout all of Nature. The mysteries of the Hexagon evolve into that of the Star Tetrahedron, a sacred symbol of the combined forces of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine in perfect union throughout the world, seen in the Sri Yantra (symbolizing the union of Shiva/Shakti,) the Star of David, the Merkaba of ancient Egypt, and so many other worldwide symbols. The Star Tetrahedron incorporates the six points or ‘corners’ of the Hexagon, and evolves further into the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube, from which all elemental structures of Life are born. These are the very foundations of modern science and math, taken from the ancient geometrists of Greece, who borrowed the knowledge from Egypt.

Throughout the Mediterranean regions, spiritual cultures arose, honoring the Divine Mother principle through the Bee and the Queen. The Bee brings fertility to the Earth, brings us our fruits, grains, and vegetables, spawns the tree kingdoms, thus brings us health, wealth, nourishment, and vitality. The Bee is a teacher of community living, sharing with all equally. The Celts and others saw her as keeper of secret knowledge and wisdom, even a carrier into other worlds for gathering of deeper riches and wisdom, even as her colony gathers the nectars of this world. Remnants of those Priestess cultures survive today.

The Emu Egg Of Creation Rattle: The Egg also has been a powerful symbol, worldwide, of the powers of Creation, and more specifically, the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine throughout time. The Egg holds the mystery of fertility within it, the mystery of birth and rebirth, of life itself, and the power women hold within that realm of mystery. The Egg was such a powerful symbol throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, that the indigenous fertility rituals of spring that it was used in were supplanted as Christianity grew, with the mysteries of Easter, and the One Who Has Risen. The very name “Easter” arose from the Old English Ēostre, an Anglo Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. The Spring Equinox saw celebration in honoring this and other Goddesses of the Dawn, the Bringers of Light, in Indo-European cultures across continents. Eggs were highly representational of her fertile powers as the bringer of that New Day.

The Emu Egg rattle has a soft nurturing sound, filled with small beads. It can be gently held in the palm of your hand, and moved in a circle, to create a soothing pattern of sound. It can also be shaken to create a soft rhythmical beat.

The 111hz Holy Healing Tuning Fork: The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, one of the oldest sacred temples reflecting the wisdom of the traditions of the Sacred Feminine, holds a key resonant signature of 111 hz. Almost everyone we know in the field of sound and shamanic healing who has experienced the Hypogeum chamber, speaks to the wonders of the experience there,  The experience we have when tuning into that vibratory frequency and  background field effect allows us to ‘entrain’ to that fundamental resonance. Gently receiving the frquency of the 111hz allows us to open to the loving energy which is present in nature and that we hold in our hearts as the grace of our Being. 

Sound File For 111hz Tuning Fork

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At Sunreed, we have always honored the wisdom of all spiritual traditions. We recognize and honor the New Emergence of the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine during these times of great transformation of our planet, and of all humanity. We recognize and honor the powe and knowing that women are assuming in our culture, the beauty of the wisdom of the carriers of these sacred traditions, and the need to restore integrity, balance and harmony on all levels of our society. Honoring the Earth as a living aspect of the Sacred Feminine, the incredible intuitive power of the Sacred Feminine, the quality of Life Force our emotional bodies carry, of which she births, and how we must all integrate this wisdom and power into our lives and essential being. The Wisdom of so many cultures state it thusly, though perhaps in different languages and sentence structure: The Nature of Life is to embody Right Relationship with our (higher/authentic) Self and the Principles of the Cosmos. Within the heart of those Principles, is the Heart of the Great Mother of All Life.