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Small Gong Rollers

Small Gong Rollers


Small Gong Rollers

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Length: 13"
Head Diameter: 1.5"

When And How Will This Mallet Ship?: These mallets typically will ship out next day after ordering, with UPS or FedEx, and arrive 3-7 days after shipment.

Product Description: These are high quality and simple gong rollers made by Dragonfly Percussion in the USA. These small gong rollers will bring out both the low and high end of a gong, though tend towards the higher. The thin synthetic handle on the mallets allow for quicker play.  

Hold each of these mallet in a hand, and play the gong quickly and steadily. This is how gong rollers are used. Instead of hitting the gong once and experiencing it's sustain, the gong rollers build up the gong quickly near the crash. As you continue to strike the gong quickly with each mallet, you get a high level of control for the quality of tone you would like to continuously produce from your gong. Hitting a gong once with a soft mallet will bring out warmth from a gong, though the gong mallets bring out intensity and allow you control over that intensity. In this way, you can get your gong to continuously roar at you, simply. You can try this method using two soft mallets, though with soft mallets it is more difficult to bring the gong to the level of crash and sustain it there. These small harder mallets are more suited to a high intensity gong experience utilizing the higher ranges of the gong.