Selecting A Type of Crystal Bowl

Selecting by Type of Crystal Bowl

Sunreed Instruments offers 5  different Types of Crystal Singing Bowls. If you are not sure which type of bowl to choose, we highly recommend you focus on either the Frosted Bowls, or the Solid Handle Bowls. You will find one or both of these bowls will satisfy most of your needs. We describe each type below, including the basic differences, and strengths of each bowl. You will find this information provides you with most answers for bowl selection. But, we are happy to assist you by phone or e-mail. You may also wish to consider the way in which the bowl will be used, also, and provide us with that information.

The Pure Crystal Frosted Singing Bowls Also, known as, “Traditional Frosted”

The Pure Crystal Frosted Singing Bowls are the oldest type of Crystal Singing Bowls. These were invented by the computer industry to grow silicon chips used in computers, and were discovered to have extraordinary sound qualities. They are said to be made of 99.9% pure silicon crystal. While similar to glass, they are comprised of a much higher pure quartz substance. They give an excellent, rich tone when struck (like a bell,) or ‘sung’ (rubbing the side of the bowl with a special striker, also, called a wand, or mallet.) These are an excellent choice for first time players. They are played on a table top or floor surface, so easy to use. You can play a very large, deeper bowl, on the floor, if that is your preference. Smaller bowls can be held in the hands of some people. But handle bowls are a better choice if you wish to hold them while playing. They come with a rubber ring that they stand on, for stability, and are played with a suede coated wooden striker, which, also, accompanies each bowl. Some larger bowls may come with a rubber ball striker. These strikers may, also, be purchased separately. In general, the rubber strikers do not work as well on bowls 10” or less. It is important to realize these are, fundamentally, like a glass bowl, so care is needed in their use. But, with basic consideration of how you would treat any glass container, they will last a lifetime of use. (This is true with all bowls.) How to Care for your Bowl In general, for ease of use, and playability, as well as general pitches available, we recommend a 10-14” size Frosted Bowl as a good choice. If you wanted one strong recommendation, it would be for a 12” bowl. If you asked to recommend a pitch, it would be for a C or D.

Clear Crystal Singing Bowls

The Clear Crystal Singing bowls were the next evolution of bowls manufactured, fusing elements of high quality clear glass into the quartz crystal. The Clear Bowls are completely clear with a higher concentration of pure quartz. The clear crystal singing bowls weigh less than the Frosted, and can emit a deeper resonance in smaller bowls than the Frosted series of Bowls. Because they are lighter, they may be a little more fragile. However, we have few reports of breakage of any Bowls, with basic care. Care of Bowls

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowls Kalinski (Crystal embedded Handle Bowls) and Solid Handle Bowls

The Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowls are, fundamentally, a Clear Bowl, with a handle fused onto it. The Handle Bowls, also lighter than the Frosted Bowls, are easier to maneuver, and provide a deeper, richer voice than the same size of Frosted Bowls. These are excellent for maneuvering and directing the energy and sounds emitted from the Bowls, such as practitioners might use with clients, or for work with sound therapies for oneself. The tones of the bowls, will last longer when struck, than the tones of the Frosted Bowls, because of the lighter density of these Bowls. We recommend the Solid Handle Bowls. You will find far more choice and selection in the range of pitch and chakras available in these bowls, with the same quality of voice and energy as any other Handle Bowl. The Kalinski Bowls have a hollow handle, which is filled with clear quartz, which have been painted or dyed different colors to match the chakra the pitch of each bowl represents (see How to Select by Chakra or Pitch.) The Solid Handle Bowls are constructed with a solid quartz/glass handle. Most adults can easily play a 5, 6, or 7” Handle Bowl. The 8 and 9” bowls are heavier, and harder to hold for extended playing. We tend to recommend these only for larger, or more solid frame individuals, for this reason. We find the 6”, or larger, Handle Bowls, consistently have the best resonant qualities. For a quick reference, we would recommend a 6 or 7” E, F or G bowl.

Colored Bowls

This new combination merges the sound of a pure crystal bowl with a Chakra color coating. The coating is on the glass inside the bowl. Our bowls have a unique subtle beauty and are constructed of only the finest crystal quartz.

Chakra Sets

We offer full Chakra sets of the Frosted bowls: 7 bowls, 7 tones, various sizes; one for each chakra (energy center). Excellent for balancing and healing.