Selecting A Crystal Bowl by Chakra

Selecting by Chakra

The Chakras are a part of our subtle energy body. Systems of mind/body medicine and holistic wellness, from Yogic and Ayurvedic Schools, to Tibetan, Egyptian, Peruvian, and Chinese Medicinal systems, have incorporated understanding of the Chakras and subtle energy channels into their system of medicines, for thousands of years. Modern medicine is just beginning to understand the ways in which the subtle body states interweave into our physical well being. The Chakras are part of a complex system of energies that compose our subtle bodies. I say bodies, because, when understanding the Chakra system, we understand that there are multiple layers and ‘dimensions’ of our being which unfold, and interplay through the Chakra system. These various ‘dimensions’ of our being resonate at different frequencies. Each Chakra is an interdimensional gateway which accesses, and integrates our level of understanding, function, and evolution at every level of our being, from physical wellness and survival, to complete awakening as spiritual beings in a complex universe.

Sound has been utilized throughout history to awaken, enhance and attune each Chakra, in many cultures. Because each chakra is vibrational in nature, and resonates at different frequencies, there are specific ‘seed sounds’, chants, and pitches utilized for these purposes. One of the most popular systems of sound healing therapies, is the use of specific pitches to awaken or attune, each Chakra. The modern Western system of music is actually based upon ancient derivatives of sound and pitch in alignment with what the ancients called, ‘Universal Harmonies.’ It was common understanding that differing frequencies, pitches, and harmonies, can provide different qualities of healing, as well as the opposite! These levels of understanding can take decades to truly comprehend and integrate into our own ‘knowing.’ So, we will not go too deeply into it here. If you wish to study this more thoroughly, we highly recommend you review some of the Sound Healing Trainings we offer, from the use of Crystal Bowls, to the use of Sound to Attune the Chakras, in our School of Sound Healing.   We offer trainings worldwide.  And have in depth articles in to the nature of sound and healing at our companion website, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  We can also provide you several in depth books on this subject matter. As well, as a 4 day training in mp3 format on CD, in the use of instruments and voice, for wellness and attunement, for personal development, or professional use in integrating sound therapies into your own practice.

In this system of understanding, (Chakras and Sound,) the fundamental scale, beginning with middle C, begins at the “Root Chakra.” Each note in the major scale of C, then corresponds to each Chakra in succession, in the primary Chakras. There is, also, a traditional association with each chakra and the organ systems and endocrine glands in that region of the body. There are some sound therapists and researchers, including medical doctors, who have been exploring more explicit associations with frequencies and organs of the body, for decades. Some, with surprising results. See image and chart below. Musical Tone Chakra Location Associated Level/Aspect of Consciousness Associated Organs and Glands C Root Below base of spine Physical orientation and survival Sexual, Bowel D Sacral 2” above root, sacrum Emotional and sexual integrity and well being Adrenals E Solar Solar Plexus, above navel Personal will and power Digestive, Pancreas F Heart Center of Chest Unconditional love, community, communion with others Heart, Lungs, Thymus G Throat Center of Throat Speaking one’s truth, in balance with compassion and wisdom of the heart and mind Thyroid, organs of throat A Third Eye Behind bridge of nose, in ‘3rd ventrical’ region of brain Integrating inner/subtle world wisdom and perception with that of this world Upper brain regions Pituitary/hypothalamus, Pineal B Crown Top of head, soft spot in skull Connection to universal wisdom and consciousness Pituitary/hypothalamus, Pineal High C Ba, Soul Star 9-12” above head Golden illumination of awakened self, seat of highest individual consciousness By studying this chart, and its associated aspect of personal growth and consciousness, as well as the organs and glands traditionally associated with it (in the ‘ancient schools’ of medicine and wisdom, highlighted in our opening paragraph,) one can use a specifically pitched bowl, associated with each chakra, for attunement to one’s higher purpose or focusing energy for wellness or transformation in that region of the body. We are not suggesting or endorsing the use of Crystal Bowls for medical purposes, and make no such claims. We highly recommend consultation with your licensed medical professional for all physical ailments. We are only providing educational materials into the ancient understanding of the subtle energy bodies, and their association with sound, as well as an understanding of how complementary therapies have utilized this knowledge in current times.