Rendezvouz Spiral Sound Rainstick (3.5 Minutes!)

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Rendezvouz Spiral Sounds™ Rainstick (10 Minutes!)

The Original Long Lasting Rainstick

Size: 4 feet

Weight: 5lbs

When And How Will This Ship?: This product will ship for free next day after ordering, and arrive throughout the United States in 3-5 days.

What Will I Receive?: One Rendezvouz Spiral Sounds™ Rainstick

Product Description: This is the original long lasting spiral sounds™ rainstick. We are so grateful to be able to now offer this to our community.

The rainstick is a plastic tube, that has plastic sticks placed inside. Microbeads fall down from the top compartment, and amaranth seed falls down from the bottom compartment, making a continuous rain sound. Because of the different types of beads, you hear a slight difference between the lower micro bead tone and higher amaranth sound. 

The rendezvouz lasts for about 3.5 minutes total. 

Because of the microbeads, it is slightly louder than the Large spiral rainstick.

It balances well on flat surfaces without concern, but can also be leaned against a wall. The maker went through many designs to make sure the rainstick was sturdy. The rainstick can also be purchased with a stand (see photos), for uneven surfaces, or for peace of mind. 

It is a soft gentle rain. It is not loud or imposing. It is soothing. As it is soft, and continuous it helps concentration focus in on the present moment. It is good for relaxation, and aligning. It will support meditations involving aligning to uplifted states, or relaxing muscle, tissue and mental thought processes. It is a very suitable sound to be used in a private practice, or to be used in a quiet yoga room to create a continuous ambient background rain.

It would be amazing to have at the end of a yoga session, to let everyone just rest peaceful in the ambient misting rain. Or to have it going in a sound bath, as the practitioner goes around and does individual work on the participants. Or, to just include in breathwork meditation, and have the continuous sound support the focus in on the breath. It can be used with crystal bowls, or drums, or chimes, or many other sound healing tools, as a continuous ambient rain in the background.