European Pegged drum with Reindeer Hide

Reindeer Pegged European Drum

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This is a very well crafted drum by a talented woman and shamanic instrument maker in the Northwest United States. The drum includes a hand made 18 inch cedar hoop, which is becoming a rarity in the drum making world. The cedar hoop is very light weight, which makes this drum much lighter then any of the other drums we offer. The hide is a traditional reindeer hide, typically of the origins of this drum in Scandinavia. It is made as a Northern European style pegged drum, where the hide is attached to the frame by hammering in wooden pegs. The handle of the drum is a cedar branch, easy to hold, and wonderful to look at. The maker was especially inspired by drums made in Denmark in her journey to make this drum, and she is the only maker of its type we know here in the United States. 

The frame is a hand made cedar frame that is very lightweight, making for a nice resonant drum. The frame can warp very slightly over time, which is very common with the traditionally made hand made drum frames, and doesn't effect the quality of the drum and sound of the drum.

The sound is deep and rich and vibrant. You can easily feel a good amount of vibration coming from the drum when you strike it. The hide withstands humidity very well, and when it does go flat it only needs about 10 minutes to dry, which is really good for a hide drum.

As an option, you can choose to get the drum with a Northern European style rabbit fur beater. The beater is a traditional style of drum beater, made from a wide wooden paddle, like a soup spoon. The surface area gives the drum both a good surface area to get a deep rich bass, but also the paddle is hard so you also get bits of higher tones as well. In total it makes for a good full bodied experience.

Sound Video Of European Style Reindeer Drum