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Quiklok Short Tripod Telescopic Boom Stand

Quiklok Short Tripod Telescopic Boom Stand

$35.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

Quiklok Short Tripod Telescopic Boom Stand A-341BKAM

Size: The stand features a sturdy tripod base and an adjustable height of 16.5 to 19.25" (41.9 to 48.9cm). The attached boom features a variable length of 22 to 40" (55.9 to 101.6cm).

When And How Will This Ship?: This product typically ships by next day after order, with FedEx and arrives within 3-7 days of ordering

Product Description: Quiklok is a well known name for making a quality microphone stand. The parts on this stand are easy to maneuver, tighten and loosen. This is a short stand, so would be great for people wanting to work off the floor, rather than off of a raised surface like a table. We typically use this stand for instrument condenser microphones.