Worlds Largest F Note Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowl 33" #Ztgrf60000

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Worlds Largest F Note Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowl 33" #Ztgrf60000

Group: Grounding

Note: F

Frequency in Hz: 176 Hz peak

Frequency in Hz of second major harmonic: 87 Hz peak

Size: 33" x 12.75"

Average rim thickness: 8.4mm

Weight: 60kg  130 lbs

The World's Largest Tibetan Singing Bowl!

The largest singing bowl we can find record of, a massive 33". At this size, this bowl is not only big enough to stand inside of, some people could even lay down inside of it. Powerful bell like tones freely flow from this powerful bowl. An included large felt gonging tool will bring this bowl to life. The included Vic Firth GB4 gong tool brings out the higher harmonics of the bowl. This bowl is capable of massive vibrations and a premium long lasting sustain. Heavy bowl with intense and long sustain provides maximum contact with the body utilizing the most of this bowls powerful vibrations, making it perfect for deep tissue penetration of the sound and vibration. The perfect powerful bowl for your temple or studio!

The sound sample is of the actual bowl.