Gilded Gold/Bronze 6" Shakyamuni Nepalese Buddha Statue #st251

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Gilded Gold/Bronze 6" Shakyamuni Nepalese Buddha Statue #st251

Dimensions: 4" wide x 2.5" deep x 6" high

Weight: 738 grams; 1 lb, 10 oz

Shakyamuni,also known as Gautma Buddha, or “the Buddha”, is believed to have formed the ideology of Buddhism.

Shakyamuni veers from extremism, promoting balance and peace, and ending pain.

His right hand lightly touches his seat, representing the Earth Touching Buddha. He is said to have made this pose on the night of his enlightenment.

His left hand holds the alms bowl, a symbol of wandering.

He sits in full lotus, legs crossed with both soles facing upwards.

On the pedestal, in front of his legs, lies a vajra, which represents indestructibility.

Shakyamuni bears a symbol on his forehead known as the “Ushnisha topknot,” representing profound connection with the spirit.

The body of this statue is made of Bronze.

The face of this statue is made of Gilded 24-Karat Gold.

Though smaller, this statue is every bit as unique and beautiful as our other statues!