Crystal Vibes 440Hz 8-Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Set 7-14" #EMP-440-8A

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Crystal Vibes 440Hz 8-Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Set 7-14" #EMP-440-8A


14" C Note (+5 cents)

13" D Note (+5 cents)

12" E Note (+5 cents)

11" F Note (+5 cents)

10" G Note (+5 cents)

9" A Note (+5 cents)

8" B Note (+5 cents)

7" C Note (+5 cents)

This set includes all whole notes from C to B, completing the octave with a High C Note and making a Full C major scale which produces a bright and uplifting melody while also aligning with all of the main chakras. Each note of this set is approximately 5 cents sharp of the 440Hz Perfect Pitch tuning, harmonizing perfectly with each other as well as other instruments of the 440Hz tuning.

Empyrean quartz crystal singing bowls are the newest premium version of classic frosted quartz bowls. The Empyrean singing bowls offer a revolutionary outer surface that is polished to a nearly perfectly smooth finish. This outer surface was made for playing, and the suede tool provides the perfect friction to activate the bowl's super pure tone. By size, the Empyrean bowls tend to be a thicker version of their vintage frosted counterparts. This allows the Empyrean bowls to reach into those higher octaves, unobtainable through classic frosted bowls.

Each bowl in this set includes a complimentary Bamboo and Silicone Magic Mallet, nesting sleeve, and silicone o-ring base.

*Cent values are rounded to the nearest 5 cents.