8" G Note 440Hz Clear Handle Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes -15 cents 13000874

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8" G Note 440Hz Clear Handle Crystal Singing Bowl Crystal Vibes #Hh8gm15 13000874


The recorded sound sample is of this exact singing bowl.

This Clear Handle Crystal Singing Bowl includes a Suede mallet.

Crystal Vibes Clear Handle Crystal Singing Bowls are crafted from optically clear quartz that is 99.999% pure. The bowls are hand formed at working temperatures up to 2400°C/4350°F from a single tube. Our quartz engineers shape each instrument one by one on a scientific glass lathe. This instrument is visually elegant with a timeless look that complements all other instruments. This style of one piece Clear Handle handle bowl exhibits incredible sustain and has no equal in the world of quartz musical instruments.

The tone of a Clear Handle Crystal Singing Bowl is pure and long lasting. One Piece Clear Handle bowls are known for amazing playability and extended sustain. Crystal Vibes makes Clear Quartz singing bowls from five to eight inches in size. The volume of a Clear Handle handle bowl tends to be lower and more gentle than its frosted counterparts.