Perfect Pitch Frosted G Note Singing Bowl 10" 0 cents

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All Frosted Bowls Come With A Free O-ring And Suede Striker. We suggest upgrading your suede striker to a quartz crystal striker, to bring forth just the pure sound of the bowl with greater ease. 


Why Is This Bowl Priced Lower Than Usual?

You may have noticed, there are a select number of perfect pitch 432hz and 440hz frosted bowls that we have priced lower than normal retail on our site. These are the exact same type and quality of bowls, but we have decided to offer a small discount on a select amount of these perfect pitch 432hz or 440hz frosted bowls while supplies last. 

Our Guarantee For Your Frosted Singing Bowl 

We guarantee the pitch, voice quality and easy playability of our bowls. We have higher standards for pitch precision than most other companies in our industry. See our standards here. Each purchase comes with the insurance that our staff is only a phone call away, holding decades of experience selling and helping people using quartz singing bowls to promote wellness and inner coherence. Our frosted quartz crystal singing bowls are made from 99.99 percent pure quartz crystal and are only sourced from manufacturers that we place 100% trust in to provide you with the best singing bowl experience. 

Free Educational Videos With Every Frosted Bowl Purchase

With any purchase of one of our frosted crystal singing bowls, you will receive a free video download after purchase that includes over 30 minutes of crystal singing bowl guidance from sound master Zacciah Blackburn. The video includes basic instruction on how to play with simple mindful techniques and why they are effective in sound healing practices. Zacciah is also available for consultation over phone, skype or in person, and teaches many sound healing education courses in the US and internationally throughout the year through our sister company, The Center of Light.

Why Would I Want More Than One Bowl?

By adding more than one bowl you can create harmonic pairings that create an uplifted environment that promotes relaxation, joy and happiness. Research suggests that the fifth harmonic, for example, actually relaxes our nervous system automatically. We use the pairing between the 1st note and fifth harmonic, called the perfect fifth, in the majority of our crystal bowl meditations. Below you can find a chart that will show you which notes you can pair with the 1st note, to make a third, fourth, fifth or eighth harmony (the four most harmonic pairings). See the chart below. For example, if you are purchasing a C note (as the 1st note), and want to get a fifth harmony, you can then purchase a higher G note with the same cent value (to get the 5th harmonic). Or, if you are purchasing a F note and want to get a fifth harmonic, you can purchase a lower A# note (as the 1st note, with the F becoming the 5th harmonic in the sequence). It is important to purchase bowls that are close together in cent value when pairing bowls for harmonies (we try for +/- 5 cents). Read more about cent value here. We especially recommend focusing on the fifth harmonic to start out with. Next we recommend the 3rd Harmonic, 8th Harmonic, and lastly the 4th Harmonic. Need guidance to choose the right bowl? Please email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to help.