Perfect Fifth Harmonic C and G Nepalese Etched Gong Set #nepalcg1

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Perfect Fifth Harmonic C and G Nepalese Etched Gong Set #nepalcg1

Size: 32" and 26"

When And How Will It Ship: This gong typically will ship out next day with either FedEx or UPS, and arrive within 5-7 business days.

What You’ll Receive: 

1) The 32" 3rd octave C and 26" 3rd octave G Nepalese Chau Gong as heard in the sound file.

2) One Dragonfly Fuzzbucket mallet.

Product Description:

This is a 3rd octave C and 3rd octave G Chau style gong, made in Nepal, and hand etched by an artist. 

The gongs were selected by our curator there, who picked out well tuned instruments for us. These gongs play a harmonic fifth, so are great to integrate together into a sound practice.

The gongs have good core fundamental tones. They keep their fundamental tones well, and have just a little bit of a shimmering higher crash. They are good for people who are looking to use them for deep and soft playing.