Mind Treasures

Mind Treasures 

The Hidden Realms

                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn



Sometime ago I wrote about “The Hidden Treasures,” as a way to articulate the mystical revelations that were occurring to us, during our practices.  Specifically, in that article, I was referring to the Hidden Treasures of the Earth.  There is much more that has been revealed since that article, but it remains a good resource on the revelatory nature of the Earth Mysteries as we approach them.  (I will link that article below.)
The Hidden Treasures, we could say, are the great emancipators of realization that arise from gifts of heaven, of the subtle realms, working with the direct keepers of those treasures & mysteries of the Earth and Sky, the Ancient (realized) Ones, and of the Elementals.

Today I write about the “Mind Treasures,” the treasures that arise from direct perception, and pure states of awareness, when we learn how to enter the clear states, or are given such blessings from those residing in those pure realms.  These revelations arise as we enter the nature of self-realization, the right relationship of true or pure self in relationship to the greater principles of the Cosmos, the All That Is, the One Mind.  (In this case, the mind is our perceptual awareness that is beyond our normal cognition, and is not speaking to our normal thought processes, or the brain.  Consciousness resides beyond our neurology, though our neurology is a carrier and storehouse of aspects of our consciousness.)

There are many levels of consciousness, and reality.  Indeed, in an infinite universe, there are infinite states of reality.  Yet, as the Buddhas clarify, there is only one Pure Reality, a place beyond all luminosity and form.  And a place where we experience Pure Consciousness, which is beyond any limitation of perception and belief.  This is a state ‘empty’ of bias and pre-conception, which will form our reality based upon those imprints.  
From this state of emptiness, these treasures arise, as our perceptual states of pristine awareness allow it.  Pure reality is beyond our normal perceptual states, yet we have access to these clear states of pure essence, and are intended to reside more fully in these pure states, as we reach toward fulfillment and attainment of our potential as spiritual beings.  As we come to clarity within, these states are able to arise more freely within our own limitation and perception.  As this migrates into our world, our experience, all around us, unfolds in ever more pristine and sacred states.
This is part of the process of healing, not just of letting go or resolving past trauma or wounds, but of coming into wholeness and union with our true sacred essence and nature.

This is paradoxical in form; it cannot be conceived by the ‘human’ mind, or our normal state of cognition.  It resides in realms beyond that, yet it is where we, in our true essence, already reside.  Upon the path to self-realization, we can enter the hidden realms, the realms in which the treasures of heaven, or pure mind, arise and reveal themselves to us.  It is simple to reach once we understand the principles of attainment.
From this, come deep, rich, profound revelations and realizations that unfold like gentle blossoms, and guide us to the intuitive realms of wholeness and bliss, 'pure sound and light' as the Tibetans call it.
There is much given, and much to glean within these realms.