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Kodiak Bear Spirit Rattle

Kodiak Bear Spirit

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These new style of rattles are everything you would hope for in a rattle. The handle is made soft, and at a great diameter for firm and easy holding. The hide of the rattle is filled with Sacred Creek Rock Fill, in just the right proportion to make a full, pleasing and powerful sound with every shake. The craftsmanship is wonderful. Ever bit of it, including the artwork is handmade by a Native maker and Shaman, a member of a Cree tribe in Northern Canada It is 9-10 inch length, so it is easy to transport and carry.

This rattle depicts on the Kodiak Bear in the great expanse of the cosmos. On the other side of the rattle is painted the Four Directions. On the end of the handle is painted the Four Directions. The rattle can take up to 3 weeks to make and ship out, though may be done sooner.