Immersed in Nature; and, the Vital Pulse of Life

Immersed in Nature; and, the Vital Pulse of Life

(And, a follow up to our Article, What is Love?)
 (#3 in an ongoing series of articles on the Elemental Nature of Consciousness.)  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


 Each day, as I step outside, I take time to rest in, to immerse myself in nature.  Each time, I experience my vital life pulse lift into the spectrum of clarity, joy, and beauty, which I experience, instantaneously, around me.  There are resonant fields of harmonious vital energy, an ebb and flow of life, what the elders call the ‘rhythm of giving and taking’ (in harmony with all life,) which I have entered.

It is the very vital pulse of life.

It is here for each of us.  And, so easy to enter rich, nurturing states of wellness and harmonious being.
All we have to do, is just enter, and rest in nature.

The moment I open my door, I feel that vital life pulse.  The vital chi in the atmosphere lifts me.  The ast sky opens me to immense spaciousness, and releases any feelings of confinement or restriction I have placed upon myself in the confines of my office, or, in my 200 year old farm house, or workshop.  The ceilings and walls, while a beautiful environ, are low and defined.  Outside, my breath and perceptions expand immediately into open space, color, richness, and vital aliveness.

It is integral to the experience of being in nature.  All is alive.  All is vital.  All is thriving, or seeking to thrive, with a vital pulse which is eminent and visceral.  The beauty and symmetry of form is known through ancient and modern sciences of geometry to obey fundamental principles of proportion and harmony.  Thus, my eye, even in the ‘apparent’ randomness of nature, of life form, of the bend and sway of trees and the unfolding patterns of leaves, are bathed in a spectacle of color, form, and vibration which is fundamental, and harmonious, obeying the laws of dynamic, vital, divine proportion. 

Over and over, in recent times, I see scientific research coming out, outlining some new thread of how nature resonates throughout its full spectrum of life:  penguins know how to find each other through intonations of each unique voice.  The same is true with elephants, and so many maternal species.  Spiders pulse their webs into harmony through the ‘musical’ tension of their fibers, tones underlie entire forests with resonant harmonies, the stars and sun have musical pulses which give science more information than standard ‘light’, EM, or radio based astronomy can reveal.  The songs of birds, whales, and other species have their own resonant harmonies we are more familiar with.  The language of dolphins.  But, more and more, science is reporting both the harmonious proportions of light and form, and sound, arising from within all Nature.

At my home, those songs of birds, the cascade of waters close to me, the rustle of wind in trees, all bring forward a harmonious chorus of sound which is integral to my experience.  I am in ‘relationship’ with it, All.  The deeper I breathe it in, my vital pulse of beauty awakens within, and gratitude for my experience, breathes out, the more I am a part of it.  I re-enter a direct relationship with Life.  This connects me to All Life. 

The vital air is charged with elemental being.  I can speak in science of ions and atmosphere, but it is the very life force which makes all things thrive, all things ‘erect’, as the Egyptians speak of it.  All life, obeying the primary instinct to thrive in the fundamental life pulse of the Mother, the Earth, rising up  through it, to grow into the elemental light force; and, calling it from above, to take its place in the infinite space available to us all, it rises into this posture to stand erect within itself, within its own vital pulse, posture, and relationship with life.  What is yours (pulse, posture, and relationship?)

And, is this the feeling of Love?

I rest here, bathing in these colors and vital fields of energy, and discover my place, my inner wisdom, my state of empowered knowing, and being, just resting in nature.  It is this easy.  From here, I can hear the templates of wisdom, my own, and that of Creation.  I feel the exchange of life force, of love, of appreciation, of knowing, of being.  I come to that ‘zero point’ we speak of in relationship to the field of vital life, in which there is an exchange between our individual consciousness, and the universal consciousness.  Breathing in, breathing out, the ebb and flow of connectivity to All Life.  It is this easy.  I can now better make vital choices to take action in my life which obeys that vital pulse, and thrust of life, which arises from this place of harmonious resonance with the pulse of Life.  Whether that is the next key stroke on my keyboard, or the next journey I take in life.

And, here, I rest.  Saturated in the colors of greens, tones of browns and greys of trees and stone, a vibrant rainbow of color of floral unfolding, the depth, richness, and vitality of clear blue sky.  The color spectrum of whites, greys, silvers, and golds amidst the clouds.  Early and late day, the light show is even more expressive.

My mind soars.
My perceptions soar.
My heart opens.

I am bathed in all of this, simply by stepping outside my door.

Is this Love?

I know that not everyone has the exquisite beauty of nature just outside their door.

But, I do tell you this, my friends.  Upon this journey, every moment you can take, to bathe in this beauty, you will hear this resonant calling, you will receive this perceptual beauty, experience this uplifting grace, feel the jubilant life force, and the vibrant truth of my words; if you can immerse and rest in nature, wherever it is, however close it is to you.  Find a place. Find your place.

Take the time.   Give the gift of life to yourself.  And, pass it on to others.  
Yes, it is so needed in this world.

And, is this Love?

If you are feeling the confines of life, the stress of every day existence, come home.  Find a place that calls to you, and rest here, there, wherever it is.  Not only does this allow you to rise into these joyous fields of resonant beauty, it clarifies the mind and emotional field.  It does this on multiple levels, in multiple ways…perhaps even ‘multi-dimensionally.’  It does it energetically, through the vital exchange of chi occurring, through the perceptual field of beauty around you, as well as, through your alignment, consciously or unconsciously, with the inherent resonant field of harmony of every living thing you are perceiving.  Your pulse quickens.  You feel alive.  The beauty and chorus of sound cascades through your cells, stimulating the molecules of emotion, and every cell receives the information of the beauty you are receiving, transmitting, and bathing in.  It enlivens you further through the inherent exchange of ions and fresh atmosphere with your  lungs, the light upon your skin, and the beauty perceived through your not only your physical senses, but through your heart.  Not only does this uplift and clarify your energy and perception, it restores your vital pulse of life, and gives rise to your own body’s wisdom, your own inner perceptions, your own inner harmonious states.  It clarifies your field, which creates clear, clear awareness, and allows your own inner knowing to speak, to interact with what is around you, from a place of empowered being.  You are part of life.  Here, you know it.  You feel it.  Your deeper voice listens, then calls, calls out to this vital pulse of life, to re-enter it, and awaken to its own beauty, its own vital treasures, and this allows your pulse of life to come alive, and resonate out, in vital harmony with the pulse of creation, which is the pulse of nature, and all that has created it. 

Indeed, as the wise ones say, we enter the rhythm of giving and taking, in harmony with all life, simply by coming into resonance with this heart of nature, in relation to the very heart of creation.  We are immersed in the very pulse of Life.

And, is this Love?

This is a good time to speak, to voice, to tone, to drum, to play a flute, expressing this vibrant beauty with thanks and deep, resonant gratitude.
And, here, you create reciprocal relationship with the Vital Pulse of Life, the Beauty of Resonant Nature, The Heart of Creation.  And this reciprocal relationship will guide you ever deeper on your path of unveiling and awakening your own inner knowing, your own inner beauty, power and strength.  This grows the reciprocal nature of the relationship.  And, you come into ever growing states of Beauty, Grace, Knowing, and Wisdom.

And, is this not Love?

Many blessings!