High Vibration Pakistani Frame Drums

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High Vibration Pakistani Frame Drums

Size: 22” and 30”

Weight: 2-4 lbs

When and How Will This Ship?: This will ship FedEx, typically day after ordering, and arrive typically within 3-5 business days.

What Will I Receive?: 1 Pakistani frame drum, in the size selected.

Product Description: We have played these frame drums for over 10 years. We are calling them high vibration drums, because of the amount of vibration that comes off of them. They are made in Pakistan with goat hide, which is thin; and because of that, the hide vibrates a good deal. One method you can use with these drums is to sing into the back of them. This will create an ethereal echo to your voice, and you can feel the vibration coming back to you. They are also lightweight, and pretty deep for their size; so if you worry about holding a normal 18” Native American frame drum, you could probably still handle a 22” Pakistani drum. The 30" drum has a weight close to a 24" Native American frame drum. Because they are thin, they can go flat on a really humid day, but also because they are thin they dry out in the sun much quicker than a thicker drum, so maintaining their tone is not a long process.