Getting The Tuning Of A Crystal Singing Bowl

How To Read The Tuning From Your Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl?

What Is The Cent Value And Note Of My Bowl?

You have gotten your first quartz crystal bowl, or maybe you have many, and you want to know what note the bowls are. Are the bowls 432hz tuned or 440hz tuned? What is the cent value of the bowls?

Knowing the exact note and cent value of a bowl is important, because then you will know how to buy bowls in the future to pair harmonically with the bowls you currently have.

Watch the video below to learn about the concept of cent value. Cent value is a central concept for tuning quartz crystal singing bowls, and the most important measure the industry uses for knowing the tuning of bowls. With that understanding you will be well equipped for reading the tuning of any of your quartz crystal singing bowls.

Next watch the following video on bowl sizes, musical notes, and octaves. This video will explain the difference between a C and C# note, and also the difference between a 3rd octave note, and 4th octave note. This will further help you clarify and understand the tuning of your bowls, to help you make informed decisions for your crystal bowl collection.

Now that you have watched the videos, all that is left to do is to download a tuner on your phone, and play your bowls into the tuner. Activate your bowl, and let your tuner read the sustain of your bowl. The dial of the tuner will either stay steady on one cent value, or may hover in a area of about 5 cents. Either way, you’ll learn the note, musical octave, and cent value of the bowl.