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Gato Box

Gato Box

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Maple Gato Box

Size: 13"x4"x4"

When And How Will This Ship?: This drum will ship with FedEx, and arrive 3-5 days after ordering.

What Will I Receive?: One REMO Gato Box, with 2 mallets (REMO changes the color of the mallets, and so the color you receive may be different then pictured).

Description: The Gato Box has been used by researchers on premature infants in neonatil intensive care units. Researchers, playing the Gato Box with the breathing of the baby, was able to help slow the babies heart rate. The Gato Box is a two note tongue drum, made of maple, that plays a major fourth C# - F#. The two can be played in many ways - rhythmically - slowly - or perhaps in quick succession to mimic a heart beat. Together they create a up beat quick note, that can be used to soothe, steady or come into focus.