G Minor Pentatonic Scale Empyrean Crystal Bowl Set

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G Minor Pentatonic Scale

Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Perfect Pitch 432hz

What You’ll Receive: 

1)     6 precisely-tuned Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls, in 432hz tuning:

Key of G: 14” G, 12" A#, 11” C, 10” D, 9” F, 7” G;

2)     Enrollment into our Rewards Program where you will receive 10% off most items on our store for future orders; 

3)     Three free educational videos, free to download after purchase: 

  1. Using The Harmonies – how to use the harmonies in your crystal singing bowl set
  2. Using A Single Bowl – how to play a single crystal bowl
  3. Using The Voice – how to use your voice as a vehicle for wellness with your crystal bowls

4)     6 o-rings and 6 suede strikers; 

5)    Free nesting cases. You will receive 1 14" case and 1 12" Classic Nesting Case to store and transport all your bowls. You can nest them as follows: 

14” Case – 14” Bowl – 11” Bowl – 9” Bowl 

12” Case – 12” Bowl – 10” Bowl – 7” Bowl

6) 2 Sunreed Quartz Crystal Strikers

When And How Will The Set Ship: The set of bowls typically will ship with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment. We are offering Free Shipping on all sets shipping within the continental United States. If you are ordering internationally, or from Hawaii or Alaska, oftentimes there will be no further shipping cost needed, though our team will reach out to you within one business day of your order if a further shipping cost is needed. It is usually simple to reach out to before ordering so we can give you a shipping cost.

What Is The Minor Pentatonic Scale?: Typically crystal bowl sets are sold in the modernly tuned major scale (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). However the minor pentatonic is a much more ancient scale, even by thousands of years. We have listened to ancient instruments thousands of years old that have sounded similar to a minor pentatonic scale. It is found worldwide, across cultures, and is known worldwide as a naturally meditative and harmonic scale of a much different nature than the normal major scale. It is used in ceremonial instruments such as the Native American flute, or the Japanese Shakuhachi. We wanted to offer it to our customers because of its incredible meditative potential. 

Why Choose Empyrean Bowls?: Empyrean bowls are polished on the outside to be completely smooth. This creates various benefits for meditation. First, the bowls have a more precise and coherent note, that pulses less then frosted bowls. This means that your attention does not need to travel with the pulse of the note, but stays steadier. Second, when singing the bowl, you do not feel with your hand the roughness of frosted surface, so you pay less attention to the physical act of playing the bowl. Third, you do not hear the roughness of the frosted surface from the striker touching the bowl. This means that you can focus more on just the pure sound of the bowl. Last, we are finding that empyrean bowls have slightly longer sustains than frosted bowls. Empyrean bowls represent a true enhancement of the positive quality of the frosted bowls.

Why Does High Quality Tuning Matter? Our Quality Guarantee: Tuning is crucial to the integrity of the harmonies and melodies you will want to produce in your set. Societies worldwide have studied the harmonic relationships between notes for thousands of years, which is represented in the sequence of notes you will receive. The better tuned your set is, the clearer and more uplifted the harmonies you will produce, which will all create a happier environment to relax into and do spiritual therapeutic work. These bowls are guaranteed to be made of premium grade crystal ‘sand’, the highest quality materials in the crystal bowl industry, which gives the best luster and voice quality to the bowls. They are guaranteed to be within +/-5 cent pitch variation of perfect pitch, in your choice of 432 Hz or 440 Hz tuning. This standard of tuning is above the crystal bowl industry standard of +/-10 cent variation in tuning for perfect pitch bowls. Often, we are finding sets sold online that are far beyond a +/- 10 cent variation that gives the set a dissonant quality. We only provide crystal bowl sets that are in perfect incremental tuning, so that the notes follow the scale accurately from lowest to highest note, as they would on a piano keyboard. We have an over 4 decade background in music, musical instrument making, and sound and shamanic healing practices of various world cultures, and care deeply about the quality of product, and voice of the product we provide you, for the best benefit for you, and your clients. 

What Is 440hz and 432hz Tuning? Which Should I Get?: There is a good deal of information online about the differences between 440hz and 432hz tuning, and which is better. Here we will just discuss the literal meaning of tuning musical instruments as it is a key understanding for the purchase. If you can imagine a piano, there is a key in the middle called “middle A” or “4th octave A”. On almost all musical instruments in the world this middle A key is tuned to resonate at 440hz. All the other notes higher and lower on a piano are then tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 440hz. This is the meaning of 440hz tuning and is the international standard for tuning musical instruments all over the world. Guitars, flutes, pianos, violins, harps, etc. all over the world are tuned assuming the middle A note equals 440hz. If you are going to purchase your crystal bowl set planning on playing with other musical instruments, such as a harmonium for example, you will most likely want to buy 440hz tuning so that your bowls play in harmony with your musical instruments. 432hz tuning is simply if you flatten the middle A key of a piano or other musical instrument by 8 hz to equal 432hz instead of 440hz. Then all the other notes higher and lower are tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 432hz. With 432hz tuning you get a slightly lower pitch with each note in the set.