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F# Native Style Walnut Flute

F# Native Style Walnut Flute

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F# Native Style Walnut Flute


Sizes: 25"

Weight: ~2lbs

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute ships out, generally next day, with FedEx ground.

What You’ll Receive: 1 Native American Style flute, key of F#

Product Description:

These are well sounding well crafted flutes, that have been made by a seasoned flute maker of many decades. We have been selling and playing his flutes for well over a decade. The flutes have great meditative and ceremonial potential, to call forth prayer and to calm the mind and can be relied upon in recording or in the woods to express a meaningful experience.

Flutes For Small And Large Hands: A Native American Style Flute in a Key of A or C is great for people who feel like they have small hands. A G may be a slight stretch of people with small hands, though is manageable, and is the most popular key to play. We suggest the key of F# only for people who feel like they have larger hands.