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32" Meinl Don Conreaux Eight Corners Of Heaven Gong

Size: 32”

When And How Will This Ship: These gongs typically ship next day after order, by FedEx or UPS ground, and will arrive within 5-7 days of ordering.

What Will You Receive: One Meinl  Don Conreaux Eight Corners Of Heaven gong, with your choice of optional stand and mallet as pictured.

Free Educational Download: Every gong purchase includes a free educational download (downloadable from the order confirmation email), on how to integrate a gong in your therapeutic practice.

Product Description:

This is an excellent polished gong, where you are clearly able to see yourself in the gong as you play, literally reflecting upon the meaning of your self.

What Meinl, the creator, has to say, "The Eight Corners of Heaven Mirror Gong was developed in collaboration with the Gong Master Don Conreaux. This gong features a unique appearance with ancient mysterious symbols set against a mirror finish. The eight runic glyphs represent the cycle of life and suggest that the sound of the gong originates in the eight corners of heaven propelling the cycle of life on earth. Both sides of the gong are finished with a mirror surface allowing the player to see himself, listeners, or other gong players in an ensemble. This is also beneficial in meditation and therapy use for self-mirroring and reflecting surrounding lights."

For this gong we suggest the Dragonfly Resonance Series XL mallet . It is exceptional for its light weight and soft, rich tone, and is a good size for this gong.