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Egg of Creation - Women's Mysteries Rattle - Emu Egg - Gold

Egg of Creation - Women's Mysteries Rattle - Emu Egg - Gold

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These are natural, large Emu eggs, average size 5.5" x 3.5", filled with varying substances for varying effect.  They are hand created by our medicine artist Dorothy Stone.  They have a very hard shell, and a very soft voice to call in the Sacred Feminine.  Please read more below, and the options available.

The Egg has held mystical symbolism throughout cultures, throughout history.  It symbolizes the mysteries and powers of Creation, and especially symbolizes the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.  Many students of the feminine and Earth mysteries know this.  For those who do not, the eggs of our Easter celebration are but one remnant of the ancient Sacred Feminine mysteries left over from our indigenous ancestors of European decent. 
These unique creations are the work of our very own Dorothy Stone (see her Medicine Drum paintings.)
They are Emu eggs, which present a very hard shell with the yoke removed, cleaned and dried.

She infuses these with the very soft and soothing sounds of small glass beads.  (Watch our short video on their sound quality at bottom of page!)
She will custom make them with crystals and other objects inside (these will be also be listed here as they are available.)

Some are left natural, charcoal color.

Some are gold.  (Pictured here and the choice on this page.)  Silver is also an option (can purchase gold and ask for silver in the instructions box when you order.  (Size and shape may also vary, these are natural eggs, but will be similar in size.)

Some are made with astrological glyphs and constellations, or sun and moon, and are now available.

She can also custom paint one for you.  Contact us.

Hear the soft, compelling sounds of these beautiful rattles.

Feel and imagine this as an Egg of Creation you are holding in your hand, joining in sacred unity your thoughts and prayers with the sounds of the rattle.

Add your soft, compelling heartfelt prayers and intentions of invoking, inviting the Great Mother into your life and practice.

Invoke your healing prayers through your awakened states in collaboration with your allies and ancestors of the subtle worlds, to join with you for healing of your clients, or songs for the New Earth.
Watch our new rattle video (available very soon) for understanding of how to join your prayers and intentions with the healing powers of the rattle, voice, for a healing practice.

Join us in our ongoing on line trainings, in depth retreats, and personal and professional individual skill development and therapeutic programs, see here.)

These are natural Emu eggs, which have a very hard shell, but an egg nonetheless, so care in their use and transport is highly suggested.

These are introductory prices and subject to change.
These are a limited item and may be available only via pre-order.  Black and gold ones are in stock.  Painted ones (astrological/constellations or special orders can be arranged.)