Drum Awakening Ceremony

Awakening Drum Ceremony

Welcoming the drum is mostly your own heartfelt intentions and awareness.

Depending on what you understand about medicine traditions already:


Take the drum outside.

Gather what you need, and center yourself within before beginning.

Sage it, and perhaps make a tobacco or corn meal prayer/offering to the earth and sky.

Give thanks to the ancestors who taught us, and to the spirit of the animal and plants that made this medicine drum and beater, for your benefit, and to benefit others.

Thank the maker for his gifts and wisdom infused into the making of the drum.

Turn to the four directions and honor the energies and 'gatekeepers' of each direction.


Do this with drum in hand.

You can beat and use the drum to honor and call to each direction.

Turn above and below again to earth and sky.

Turn back to the drum, and spirit within, and call forward your own essence and spirit, and that of your guides and teachers.

Ask that this drum, and you, be used as a vehicle for beauty and healing in this world, and give thanks again, to Creator for this opportunity.

Play the drum, and sing a song, chant, or tone if you are able to (simple heart felt sounds, even humming, can do.)

Give thanks.

End of ceremony.

I hope this helps.

Zacciah Blackburn,