Difference in Grades of Flutes

Difference in Grades of Flutes

Differences in Grades of Flutes

While most beginning students will be perfectly content with our student model flutes, experienced musicians and practicing professionals will want to consider our intermediate quality and professional quality instruments.

PROFESSIONAL: Our professional quality flutes are our highest quality instruments, and are made individually from beginning to end. Extra care is placed in every aspect of creating these finest quality instruments, from preparation, to tuning, to sanded and oiled bore, and finish. Our refined techniques used in making these instruments guarantee a full two-three octave range of true pitch and pure tone, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the purest professional, whether for personal use, concert performance, or recording. We are currently creating professional quality flutes in sizes soprano Bb to alto G.

INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate quality flutes are close to professional quality, but will have some discrepancy in pitch, usually one or two notes in the upper range. Most experienced players will be able to use techniques such as bending to make these perfectly playable flutes. Occasionally one or two notes in upper range may be unreachable.

STUDENT:  Student model flutes are excellent beginner instruments. However, they will have inconsistencies in true pitch, usually in the upper range. They will have at least one full octave well pitched for the student ear, often more. They may not have a full two octaves available, yet these notes are usually not available to the beginner student until graduating in technique. If you are unable to decide which instrument best fits your needs, please consult us. We are happy to help, to clarify your choices, and have helped numerous individuals find the flutes that best suit their needs.