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Custom Made-To-Order Fusion Bowls

Custom Made To Order

Authentic Gemstone Fusion Crystal Singing Bowls


Choose Your Custom Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl!

These are custom made gemstone fusion alchemical crystal singing bowls, made by the patent pending process of super heating a quartz crystal singing bowl and infusing real gemstones into the matrix of the bowl. These are true fusion alchemy crystal singing bowls, resonating with the distinct vibratory patterns of the gemstone.

How Does This Process Work?

#1 Choose A Crystal Singing Bowl From Our Listing

We can make a gemstone fusion singing bowl from most crystal singing bowl we list. This includes frosted, empyrean, featherlight, handle and clear singing bowls. You have your own choice on the size and pitch of the bowl. We can also select multiple bowls that play harmonically with each other, or choose an entire 7 to 9 bowl set to infuse. Please contact us and we can support your in choosing which bowl is right for you.

#2 Choose 1,2, 3 or 4 Gemstones You Desire (We Can Make A Bowl From Your Own Gemstone)

Choose up to four gemstones to include in your fusion singing bowl. You can find the complete list of gemstones further down the page. Adding an additional gemstone will increase the cost of the bowl by $100-$200. You can also ship to our factory a gemstone from your personal collection, and we will grind it down and infuse it into the bowl. Using your own gemstone will save you $100 per bowl. Please contact us for specific details about sending us the gemstone.

#3 Choose Which Artistic Style Your Prefer

Choose which artistic style you prefer below. Our gemstone artist will honor any stylistic desires as possible, but asks for final artistic expression. For multiple gemstones you can choose multiple styles for each gemstone.





separate.jpg blended.jpg integrated.jpg
When Choosing Multiple Gemstones,
You May Choose The Two Gemstones To Be Separated, Blended Or Integrated

Each Gemstone Used Can Have A Different Style


What Gemstones Do We Offer?

Currently we are offering:

Aegerine Amber Amethyst Ametrine Andara
Angelite Apophyllite Aquamarine Aquanite Astrophyllite
Azurite Black Kyanite Black onyx Black Tourmaline Blue Fluorite
Blue Kyanite Blue Tourmaline Carnelian Celestite Citrine
Coral Emerald Etherium Garnet Green Jade
Herkimer Diamond Kunzite Labradorite Lapis Larimar
Lepidolite Lemon quartz Malachite Moldavite Morganite
Moss agate Obsidian Onyx Orange Calcite Pearl
Peridot Pink Tourmaline Prehnite Red jasper Rhodochrosite
Rose Quartz Ruby Ruby Zoisite Sapphire Sedona red rock fulgurite
Selenite Shungite Smokey Quartz Star Ruby Sugalite
Sunstone Tanzanite Thunder Bay Amethyst Turquoise Vibhuti
Watermelon Tourmaline White Gold Yellow Apatite


What Will This Cost?

Prices will vary depending on what type, size and pitch of the bowl you choose, and also the type of gemstones you would like fused with your bowl. Typical costs will run between $500 and $2500. Please contact us with an idea of what you would like made, and we will be able to get you a full quote for the bowl, usually within 24 hours of calling us.


How To Order?

To order, please choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the gemstones you would like to infuse into a crystal bowl. Please note, there is a greater charge for infusing more then one type of gemstone. Next, select which bowl out of our current crystal bowl listings you would like to convert to a gemstone bowl. Gemstone fusion bowls that are custom ordered will be made, typically 2-3 weeks after order, and are nonrefundable after payment. If you would like to talk to us about the crystal bowl that would be best for your needs, we are here to help! After you know the gemstone and bowl you want, then please just email us at or call us at 802-875-8111. All custom bowl orders are taken over email or the phone. If you need help through this process or have questions please reach out to us!